In which Mayhem explains why there’s not much of a post today

“What? Why are you bothering me? You want to know where Mom is? Well, she kept fussing about my grain when she was supposed to be writing this post, but to be honest, I never saw any of her grain. I think she was lying so she didn’t have to share any grain with us.” -Mayhem

30 thoughts on “In which Mayhem explains why there’s not much of a post today”

  1. Chaos, truly you don’t want her grain and when she’s that way she needs you to be a quiet kitty. Take care of her. Hope you’re feeling much better…grains suck!

  2. Oh Chris! {{hugs to you}}
    Chaos, **pets pets** You be a good kittie and Mommie might give you some catnip later… Be good…
    Chris I hope you feel better soon honey!

  3. (((hugs)))I’m glad to read you are feeling better….my daughter has suffered with them since she was 5 and it just breaks my heart when she gets one!! Take care and I know Chaos is taking good care of you!

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