Time for a contest!

At long last, I’m having a contest! 🙂 This is the belated birthday contest for Mayhem (who was one on May 31) and early birthday contest for Chaos (four years old on September 28). To participate, simply leave a comment with some useful advice for Chaos and/or Mayhem. Leave your comments by Wednesday, September 19, 5 pm CDT. Winners will be selected by random number, and no non-knitters will be forced to take a yarny prize if they really don’t want to (appropriate non-yarny prize to be substituted).

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month (and with October rushing toward us!), the first prize will be a “Think Pink” prize, featuring a breast cancer awareness travel mug from Caribou Coffee and a skein of luridly pink sock yarn that I dyed.

If you win the mug and yarn, I highly suggest washing the mug again before you use it… On the plus side, it does have the Mayhem Sniff of Approval.

*sniff sniff sniff* -Mayhem

Additional yarny prizes include a ball of Trekking 126 (look familiar?! I bought two!) and a nice aumtumny skein of One Sheep Hill sock yarn, donated by Yarnzilla.

“Dum de dum de dum de dum de dum.” -Mayhem

“Wait, this isn’t the same skein of yarn that was just here, is it?! I’m so confused! Where did that other skein go?” -Mayhem

126 thoughts on “Time for a contest!”

  1. Happy Birthday Chaos & Mayhem,
    Advice. . . If you are clever enough you can train your mama to a) put a nice box on the table in the sunshine for you to curl up in on sunny days, and b) lift up corners of blankies so you can crawl under and cozy in and be warm while you nap. But a word of warning about (b). If you are snuggling on the sofa under blankie be sure no stupid humans come and sit on you as they can’t see you whilst you are cozy under the blankie. And one final word of advice, make your mama promise to never get a puppy – they are the biggest pain in the arse ever. My mama just got one and it just will not give me a moment’s peace!
    Giving Paws,

  2. Happy birthday kitties! May, let Chaos have some camera time 😉 Chaos, let May have some top-o-frigerator time 😉 Nap zones can be luxuriously shared, and may lead to much cuteness.

  3. Well it looks like you’ve gotten a lot of good advices so I’ll just add a little bit more. Remember to play nice with each other and though it’s nice to try and help cut Mom’s yarn it’s not good for your tummies.

    happy birthdays

  4. Exellent advice to Chaos and Mayhem from Kami:

    “Continue scratching your mommy’s favorite chair. This let’s her know that you really love her. Also, the top of the refrigerator makes an excellent vantage point and napping spot.”

  5. Don’t shit where you eat ~ Rose Castorini/Olympia Dukakis in Moonstruck. I give that advice to anybody who asks advice because I think it is funny. But it seems like good advice taken literally vs. figuratively for any two or four-legs.

    Here is some advice more appropriate to your blog: Get a-hold of Rescue Remedy or 5 Flower Remedy if you ever get super wigged out about something (stress), like when stripey socks disappear, or when people come over to visit and want to snuggle you or play with your stuff. It is safe to use for you guys (of course!).

  6. Chaos and Mayhem-
    Make sure to keep mom busy with your tricks. If you let your guard down, mom might come home with another black kitty (named Pandemonium) to shake things up a bit!
    -Tyger and Lotus (our mom brought home a little demon named Anya – so we know it could happen to you, too!)

  7. My goodness, a contest of your own! Let’s see, advice for the kitties… Everything seems too obvious: don’t fight, don’t eat things that aren’t food, etc. (That’s my advice. Mooky’s is quite different: Jump on mom’s pillow before it’s even light out and gently poke her scalp with your sharpest claw until she wakes up. Then — and this is key — don’t stop. ‘Cause then maybe she’ll get up and let you out, or top up your bowl with crumbles.)

  8. Dear Mayhem & Chaos:

    Survival tips – to not jump on your mom’s head while she is sleeping, even if the two of you are rampaging around. Detour, and that does not mean landing on breasts or bladder!

    Do not barf in Mom’s shoe.

    Hope this helps you both to have many happy birthdays.

  9. A word to Chaos:

    It is not nice to tell a lady’s age. Yes, Mayhem is a lady, quit laughing.

    And May:

    Time to put on your Big Black Kitty panties and act like a lady so Chaos will take you seriously. Tell Mom you want your own Black Kitty pants. 😀

  10. Dear Chaos and May, My best advise would be to get into as much trouble as you can while Chris is away. That way both of you can look like perfect angels upon her return and she won’t know who really caused the trouble.

  11. Happy Birthday, Chaos and Mayhem!

    The best way to say thank you for delicious, smelly food is to curl up as close as possible and blow tuna breath in a person’s face. That is true gratitutde.

    Also, if given a favorite new toy, you need to lose it under the heaviest piece of furniture in the house as soon as possible, preferably one that is hard to reach or see under. Then cry piteously for it until it is returned to you. Completely ignore any other toys you may have around in easy reach. When it is returned, immediately swipe it back out of reach. Repeat as necessary.

  12. Harley’s advice to Chaos and Mayhem is to keep your bouncy balls in your food dish. That way you can always find them. A dip in the water dish isn’t a bad thing for them, either.

  13. From Lucy & Willie, to Chaos and Mayhem:

    Grilled halibut is much better than that canned stuff they call tuna from Trader Joe’s. If you howl long enough while the humans are eating it, they’ll eventually give you some. Dungeness crab is pretty awesome too. If you train your people properly, they’ll make sure to buy enough so you get some.
    Also, make sure your humans put some cat treats in the emergency earthquake box in case you need to make a quick getaway.

  14. Happy birthday, Chaos and Mayhem. My cats aren’t around right now, but my landlady’s cat wants to remind you to expose your bellies to the sun for several hours each day. I think she said something about a “cat solar panel.”

  15. Chaos and Mayhem,

    Always do something exceptionally cute after mom has found an area where you have puked. Laying on your back, purring, whatever usually works for you.

  16. Dear Chaos and Mayhem, I have two bits of advice for you –
    1) Never hurl up a furball on your mom’s pillow when she’s sleeping on it; she won’t think it’s a nice gift.
    2) NEVER, EVER, run for safety across your mom’s face when she’s sleeping; you’ll hurt her and she may fling you across the room (it won’t be on purpose, it’ll be her reflexes).
    Phoebe (one of nine)

  17. Dear Chaos and Mayhem,

    First of all Happy Birthday! Two words…Plastic Bottles!!We love ’em. They FLY when they are empty, therefore we fly after them. Just make sure your Mommy knows it’s been “unleashed” (our Mommy gives it to us without telling Daddy, but it makes sooo much noise. We love it)!!!
    Enjoy :o)
    Zoe and Phoebe

  18. Della, Jeremiah, and Posey have asked that I pass along this advice to Mayhem and Chaos:

    When your person is feeling sad or unwell, curl up with them and purr loudly. Purring is known for its curative powers, which will get your person up and filling your food bowl that much quicker. Plus, if you’re already next to them, you get first dibs on licking out the chicken soup bowl.

    Oh, and Jeremiah adds that if you curl up around your person’s head when she goes to bed that both you and she will sleep extra well, particularly if you let her hold your paw or your tail.

  19. Well, since my demon child (any black cat), Zoey, is just a month old, she could probably use any advice Chaos and Mayhem could her more than they need advise from her. But she has learned a few things in her short life.

    One, make sure you wake your human up early enough to hold you before they leave for the day. They don’t seem as upset if you only wake them up 30 minutes early. Also, if you wake them up at the same time everyday, eventually they will start waking up on time on their own!
    And sneakers taste yummy!

  20. Aw nuts, I missed it! This is what I get for being horribly behind on my blog-reading.

    But I’ll offer advice anyway 😉 Don’t eat yarn – you’ll be horribly unhappy and cost your mama a lot of money and heartache trying to save your life.

    BTDT, it sucks.

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