No yarn was harmed taking pictures for this post (although it was a close call)

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The yarn I dyed on Saturday with Jeanne and Deb is finally dry! Deb even took a few pictures of the process – way to go, Deb!

“Hmm, which flavor looks the best?” -Mayhem

“I have selected my victim!” -Mayhem

At that point, it seemed prudent to collect my yarn and whisk it off for reskeining. The “tasty” looking yarn is rather tangled, so it’ll be a project for another day. From the left, the base yarns are the KnitPicks superwash/nylon blend, two skeins of Wool2Dye4 (similar twist to Louet GEMS Pearl), and the KnitPicks superwash/nylon/speckled stuff blend. I was pleasantly surprised at how much better the KnitPicks superwash blends are than their previous non-superwash “bare” sock yarn. (Oh, and that pink skein is destined to be a contest prize, should I come up with a good idea for a contest.)

“Hey, where did that yummy yarn go?! Well, this skein looks like it might be good… if Mom doesn’t snatch it away like she usually does.” -Mayhem

(I did.)


Tuesday I finally bought a container for my dyes – I had them crammed into a plastic shoebox that wouldn’t stay closed because it was overstuffed. This is a scrapbooking box from Target – the other side also opens (for carrying paper) and will be perfect for my color card and color wheel… when I find the very, very safe place I put them.

“Well, what fun is that, having all those little rollable jars shut away?” -Chaos

39 thoughts on “No yarn was harmed taking pictures for this post (although it was a close call)”

  1. The dye job is beautiful! Way to go Chris! If it makes Chaos feel any better, I (the big mean mommie-head) put away all the little balls of yarn that my Bailey likes to carry around in her mouth. (If you ask her, anything less than the size of a ping pong ball is fair game to play with). Great job finding the container! Best of all, it looks like there is room to grow the stash of dyes.

  2. I think you’re getting even better with your dyeing! These look great. Do I spy a chocolate covered cherry one?

    And ew, May. Ixnay on the yarn and the dye chewing.

  3. Ah, the safe place. I love the safe place, mysterious repository of lost important things.
    Your dying looks really good – I am impressed.

  4. C’mon – you know you had that scrapbooking case just sitting around because you secretly belong to a “crop till you drop” group too!

  5. Mmm-shaded deep violet or blue violet with a Wool2Dye4 base. What’s it going to be?

    “Safe”-like the things on your kitchen shelf. 🙂

  6. Beautiful yarns! I can see why May likes the pink ones best.

    Rolly jars plus Chaos equals a mess I don’t want to even imagine!

    My college diploma from 1986 has been in a “very, very safe place” since my parents got it in the mail. I’ve never seen it.

    I haven’t forgotten that I owe you an email.

  7. Nice yarn dyeing! And good luck with the tangled skein…those can be frustrating. My advice is to have a tasty adult beverage and a movie handy, since untangling can take a while! 😉

  8. Pretty yarn! How would you compare how the KnitPicks Bare and the Wool2Dye4 knit up? I have used KnitPicks and love it, but haven’t used Wool2Dye4 – just wondering how the two are different and any annoying qualities you might have found with the Wool2Dye4.

    Love the pink, enter me if it’s a secret contest, lol.

  9. Poor Mayhem. She never gets to have any fun. And apparently Chaos doesn’t either. Why are you the only one who gets to play with the dyes and yarn? Huh? huh? lol.

  10. Dye jar soccer, I don’t think that would be a good idea. LOL! I like the container you found for the dyes. Nice looking sock yarn!

  11. They DO look tasty! Now this may just be an issue with my bloglines (yay!), but your feed is showing up with a red exclamation… do you know why?

  12. If you find your safe place will you tell me where it was? It might be similar to MY safe place. I’ve been trying to find my mom’s estate checkbook that I stored “safely” 11 years (and 5 moves) ago…fortunately all the records were on Quicken so we were able to resolve the estate, but I’d still love to know where that blasted checkbook ended up – no worries, the account is long since closed…

  13. Beauutiful yarns and good idea to keep all the dyes in one place, never know when you might want to go out with Deb or Jeanne and dye on a nice day 🙂

  14. Wow, excellent shades! Of course the pink one just talks to me, no surprise there 😉

    Reminds me, I ordered some Louis Gems today – just hit the UK. I remembered you recommended it so ordered it as soon as it was up!

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