Happy Birthday, Chaos!

Ok, it’s not the birthday I would wish on anyone, because who wants to be under the weather on their birthday? But today, my beloved Chaos Kitty is three years old. I was planning on having a big birthday contest for him, but I think I would like to wait until he’s healthier. I hope everyone understands!

“I’m pretty sure I’ve had better birthdays…”

78 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Chaos!”

  1. Happy Birthday beautiful Chaos.

    Lots of hugs and tuna cakes from me and the gang. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Jasper had to visit the vet in sympathy with you tonight – he’s been in a fight and been bitten a lot and swiped across the face.

  2. Dear Chaos – I don’t know you personally, just your smell on my mom’s knitting bag when she comes back from seeing your mom. You have a good smell so you must be a good guy. Feel better soon and have a great birthday (whatever that is!)

    Peace out – Tig!

  3. Happy Birthday handsome Chaos! Hope you’re feeling better soon and you butt fur grows back. Who needs a cold butt?

    I’ve been feeling really crap today too – had an allergic reaction to licking some stamps at new job yesterday…..

    Tell your mom she MUST try some STR – its really amazing 😉

  4. We’re on the same regimen here, but like Chaos, I think Petey is feeling better already. I can’t imagine how painful something like that must be.

    I hope Chaos is back to his old self soon. Happy Birthday sweet boy!

  5. Happy Birthday Chaos!!

    What a horrible way to spend a birthday :(. Maybe you should stick a candle in a can of tuna and go rent “The Sophisticats.”

  6. today is Blackie’s birthday

    (by urge overkill)

    oh, (that) baby, you look so tired
    a full-grown baby
    you’re growin’ so tired of growin’ old
    and how old are ya’?
    and were you ever (really ?…baby ?)
    there’ll be a new Sun risin’
    for another day’s passin’
    over your gray horizon

    today is the first day of the rest a’ your life
    time goes away
    you’ve thought about checkin’ out and don’t deny it
    time goes away
    but if you really wanna can the music,
    you better sleep on it
    fill your life with the love or lose it,
    like a’ rock ‘n roll music
    no more agin’ now
    today you’re gonna help celebrate Blackie’s birthday

    I only picked this one because he is feeling blah

  7. I’m just getting caught up on my reading, so am only now sending warm kitty hugs to Chaos. Hoping his birthday is better than expected, poor thing.

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