In which what was lost is found and lost again

Tracey’s having a “Muggle Challenge” – leave her a comment with the most mind blowing question someone has asked about your knitting and you could win a snarky coffee mug and some yarn. For my non-knitting readers, yes, knitters often refer to non-knitters as muggles – blame the Yarn Harlot for that one. Maybe you can play along in Tracey’s contest and include a question you’d love to ask a knitter to get said knitter’s goat? 😉

Kristi’s looking for a name for her new fingerless mitt pattern – if your suggestion is selected, you will get a free copy of the pattern!

Some of you may remember Chaos’ beloved SRM (Sparkly Red Mouse), lost when it ricocheted off Chaos’ paw during a game of fetch last spring. Guess what I found last week?!

I know, I know, it’s not much to look at, but you should’ve seen Chaos cavorting like a kitten!*

“I can hardly believe my eyes! It’s SRM!!” -C

“Where oh where have you been, sweet SRM?!!” -C

“I’ve missed you so much!” -C

“You can’t hide from me anymore!!!” -C

Alas, Chaos was wrong – shortly after this picture was taken, SRM vanished again. Hopefully just under the stove this time…

*Please ignore the sand on the carpet. Welcome to winter in Minnesota.