In which what was lost is found and lost again

Tracey’s having a “Muggle Challenge” – leave her a comment with the most mind blowing question someone has asked about your knitting and you could win a snarky coffee mug and some yarn. For my non-knitting readers, yes, knitters often refer to non-knitters as muggles – blame the Yarn Harlot for that one. Maybe you can play along in Tracey’s contest and include a question you’d love to ask a knitter to get said knitter’s goat? 😉

Kristi’s looking for a name for her new fingerless mitt pattern – if your suggestion is selected, you will get a free copy of the pattern!

Some of you may remember Chaos’ beloved SRM (Sparkly Red Mouse), lost when it ricocheted off Chaos’ paw during a game of fetch last spring. Guess what I found last week?!

I know, I know, it’s not much to look at, but you should’ve seen Chaos cavorting like a kitten!*

“I can hardly believe my eyes! It’s SRM!!” -C

“Where oh where have you been, sweet SRM?!!” -C

“I’ve missed you so much!” -C

“You can’t hide from me anymore!!!” -C

Alas, Chaos was wrong – shortly after this picture was taken, SRM vanished again. Hopefully just under the stove this time…

*Please ignore the sand on the carpet. Welcome to winter in Minnesota.

31 thoughts on “In which what was lost is found and lost again”

  1. Sand on the carpet? Dude… You should see my place! I keep using the excuse “but the guys are afraid of the vaccuum” as an excuse to *not* pass the thing around. It’s wearing thin.

    I have so much stuff under my fridge and stove, it’s become their new toy box!

  2. Actually, I think it would be great fun to have the muggles weigh in on this. Looking at it from their p.o.v., I being the snarky butt I am might ask a dumb question, just TO BE a snarky butt.
    Oh Chaos, you need a bigger SRM, one that will not easily lodge himself under small crevices.
    Thanks for the postage Chris!
    Oh yes, Chaos, did you look under Mae? As a little sis myself, we find any way we can to get our digs in when we can.

  3. Wow that is one quickly disappearing mousie! Either Chaos is banking it in the strangest of places or it knows all the good hiding places 😉 My guess would be on top of a cupboard?

  4. YAY for SRM!!!!
    Maybe May’s the culprit for stealing srm, she’s prob hiding in the corner somewhere with srm, one paw over her mouth snickering away 🙂

  5. Oh, SRM. Dumped Chaos for another but came back when that one didn’t work out. In the middle of the night SRM realized it was a mistake and is gone with the wind again, off to break someone else’s heart…

  6. Chris- I wanted to tell you yesterday that I liked your earwarmer thingie- doesn’t mess up your ‘do.
    A mousie is as a mousie does.

    (What does that mean?)

  7. Finbar used to have this little tennis ball that he just loved to play with, but it would inevitably bounce under the book case or the couch and then he’d be without it for a while again.

  8. Isis says she took it, which I wouldn’t doubt. She tends to vanish through the nether, to places unknown.

    If you see a slinky tortie skulking about, send her home. She knows how .. she usues stargates. I swear.

  9. I use the “Wednesday is my vacuuming day” excuse in my pictures. And those lost toys, know them well. We have 3 of the kitty wantons. I rarely see more than one at a time. This weekend all 3 showed up for a while.

  10. Every few weeks, Purple Non-Sparkly Mouse emerges from hiding, and Perry, too, starts acting like a little kitten instead of the 20 pound slob he’s become. Glad you found the mouse!

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