F is for…

Furry Friend who loves to play Fetch.

“I’m a bad-ass house panther, carrying my prey. You’d do well not to mess with me.”

F is also for Feeding station, which is a Favorite location for house panthers to hang.

“I must say, that’s a bit disappointing. I thought you came over to Feed me.”

And F is for Fur, so soft and so dark…

…which becomes Fluff drifting by on the Floor.

27 thoughts on “F is for…”

  1. You could learn to be a spinnner and card up all that cat fluff… we’ve threatened to do that, there’s certainly enough – but somehow it seems kind of creepy to think about knitting something out of your own cat – I don’t know, maybe cannibalistic? (sp?)

  2. I have the very same floating fur but more gray in color. I get that same disappointed look when I get up and everyone races to the kitchen on my heels only to find out I just wanted a glass of water. Oh the let down! lol

  3. Quit Fooling around with the blog and get that cat some Food!
    I love the bowls, BTW. Mimi had the cutest water dish. A little circus cat walking a tighrope. *sob*

  4. Fabulous.

    Poor Chaos. You do know that it’s an immutable law of nature that one must Feed the cat if one gets within Four microns of their dish.

    Nice dishes btw. I mean, Far out.

  5. No tuna ‘Fish’? Chaos really is spoiled with those beautiful bowls ;o) I’d better not let Willow and Sally see those, or they’ll be mugging me for one! (They even have to SHARE their bowl… much to their dismay at times)

    Great links today, thanks!

  6. I keep thinking about collecting all the cat fur and spinning it. It’s something we’re extremely rich with. Spinning my own pets’ fur is crazy line number 3. Crazy line 1 was spinning yarn at all. 2 was spinning dog fur (but not from my dog).

  7. My hairdresser used to collect the fluff from his dog, had it spun and made into a pair of gloves which he has framed! I’m not sure if I like that or not.

    I love Chaos feeding station – the black cat bowl is very apt. Is the white cat to remind him of his brother Diablo?

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