Another Phantom Paw…

Trek has been making these cute little sock bags and I asked her to make me one that was black and purple. Behold – the Stumbling Over Chaos bag!

Notice the cute mini needle wrap for carrying a needle when you don’t want to carry a Chibi. And the card? Inside it says “The card because Chaos is the 1st place knitblogger cat.” Awww…. Thanks, Trek! I love the paw print fabric! You can see the purple lining over at Trek’s blog, because when I tried to get a picture of the lining, I got another Phantom Paw photo instead.

“SRM? Yoo hoo – are you in there, SRM?”
“Wow. No SRM, but the mysteries of the universe revealed!”

I forgot I had ordered a custom-dyed skein of Brooklyn Handspun Black Cherry sock yarn, but was very happy to be reminded!

“SRM? Are you up here?”