Another Phantom Paw…

Trek has been making these cute little sock bags and I asked her to make me one that was black and purple. Behold – the Stumbling Over Chaos bag!

Notice the cute mini needle wrap for carrying a needle when you don’t want to carry a Chibi. And the card? Inside it says “The card because Chaos is the 1st place knitblogger cat.” Awww…. Thanks, Trek! I love the paw print fabric! You can see the purple lining over at Trek’s blog, because when I tried to get a picture of the lining, I got another Phantom Paw photo instead.

“SRM? Yoo hoo – are you in there, SRM?”
“Wow. No SRM, but the mysteries of the universe revealed!”

I forgot I had ordered a custom-dyed skein of Brooklyn Handspun Black Cherry sock yarn, but was very happy to be reminded!

“SRM? Are you up here?”

31 thoughts on “Another Phantom Paw…”

  1. Cute sock bag, I’m glad to see that Chaos approved! Wasn’t SRM the one that had the unfortunate water dish demise? Nice yarn!

  2. Did it come in the mail, Chaos found it, or you ran across it? (the Brooklyn Handspun).I love the colorway. Destined to be a pair of socks?

    Chaos likes his bag! It’s a perfect bag. I saw it on Trek’s site. [Note to self: Make bags!]

  3. I couldn’t help laughing (even though it hurts) seeing Chaos climbing into the bag! Wonderful knitting accessories! (and pretty yarn!)

    Sally has been trying hard to be as curious as Chaos, but she will never succeed :o)

  4. Hmm, looks like it needs to come in two sizes, sock size and black-ball-of-fur size.

    Glad to hear the secrets of the universe are safe with Chaos. I was worried 🙂


  5. I think you need to order one big enough for hime to sleep in, just sayin.
    Course, me kitties are happy with brown paper grocery bags….

  6. So, did Chaos successfully pull his head out of the bag alone, or did he need assistance? Because I know which it would be at my house….. (but maybe Chaos is smarter….)

  7. LOL – I saw the bag at Trek’s and now I see it at your blog too! Very cute. Nice brooklyn sockyarn too! And the classes look fab… sigh. Wish we had that sort of thing here.

  8. I love the Chaos In-da-Bag shot – he looks like he’d like to live all up in there…

    Looking forward to more dyeing adventures – bet ya can’t dye just on(c)e.

  9. Trek did a fabulous job!
    and I loved the photo of Chaos checking out the inside.. what a great cat! 1st place bloggin cat indeed !!

  10. I was way behind on reading your blog, sorry! The bag is cute but cuter with Chaos. You’ve gone black and purple crazy! I love it.

  11. I’m trying to catch up on blog reading while procrastinating (not studying). I love the cute little bag! I’m trying to hold back (she’s got the most gorgeous monetish one up!). I have the same problem with phantom paws/noses. Hmmm. I LOVE that there is someone else receiving sock yarn they forgot they ordered!!

  12. I got to meet Trek and see her bags in person at MS&W. Sadly, I had nothing to trade for a bag. boo hoo It’s clear that Chaos knows a good thing when he sees it!

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