In search of red and pink

Margene sent us out to find the red and pink in our homes as part of Project Spectrum. I have to confess that I didn’t find very much red and pink… and there’s a definite theme to what I did find. I wonder if you’ll figure it out?

Here’s SRM from back in January when he was still red and pink (i.e., before Chaos pulled off his little pink ears):

Here’s a red sparkly ball that TB sent for Chaos when we exchanged mix cds recently:

Here’s a little Red Tango bowling bag that’s great for a sock project:

And a much larger Laurel Burch bag that’s holding a bunch of WIPs:

There’s the Christmas stocking that my sister-in-law got for Chaos a year or two ago:

Some postcards and magnets from my fridge:

A cute little vintage card that’s also on my fridge:

And a lovely Noro Tubu rug that Jeanne knitted – Chaos spends lot of time on this rug, since it’s in front of the cabinet in which the cat food is stored.

“Hello? Can you put that dang camera down and get on with something important, like feeding me? Can’t you tell I’m looking all scrawny and wan here?!”

So… did you detect the theme in my red and pink?!