In search of red and pink

Margene sent us out to find the red and pink in our homes as part of Project Spectrum. I have to confess that I didn’t find very much red and pink… and there’s a definite theme to what I did find. I wonder if you’ll figure it out?

Here’s SRM from back in January when he was still red and pink (i.e., before Chaos pulled off his little pink ears):

Here’s a red sparkly ball that TB sent for Chaos when we exchanged mix cds recently:

Here’s a little Red Tango bowling bag that’s great for a sock project:

And a much larger Laurel Burch bag that’s holding a bunch of WIPs:

There’s the Christmas stocking that my sister-in-law got for Chaos a year or two ago:

Some postcards and magnets from my fridge:

A cute little vintage card that’s also on my fridge:

And a lovely Noro Tubu rug that Jeanne knitted – Chaos spends lot of time on this rug, since it’s in front of the cabinet in which the cat food is stored.

“Hello? Can you put that dang camera down and get on with something important, like feeding me? Can’t you tell I’m looking all scrawny and wan here?!”

So… did you detect the theme in my red and pink?!

41 thoughts on “In search of red and pink”

  1. Hmm, things that are in your home. No? Things that have color in them. No? Things that have cat spit on them. No? Oh, I give up. I always hated mind games anyway!

  2. it’s a shame you don’t like cats. really. how unfortunate for Chaos, as I’m sure he is mistreated and neglected. Poor thing. *snicker*

  3. hummmmmm, thinking, still thinking, rubbing chin, thinking, rubbing forehead, thinking, head in hands, thinking…… about a black cat theme?
    Cool pics – especially the cat bag!

  4. Okay, I really thought I was the only one who knew who Laurel Burch is. I have ear rings from when we lived in CA dated from the early 80s and I dearly love them. Where or where did you get that bag. I have been looking for a knitting bag and have even resorted to looking at lap top bags. I have to have a Laurel Burch bag!

  5. It seems to be a family tradition in my family. My Grandmother loved cats, all of her children loved cats and all of her grandchildren. Cat’s can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

  6. I have the same Chat Noir poster in my kitchen along with a bunch of other French advertisements.

    A theme you say? nope.. don’t see it.

  7. Hmm…do you love cats? 😉 I’m an unabashed cat lover, too, so I love seeing all the kitty accents. Your Laurel Burch bag is especially nice! And that Christmas stocking is too cute! Take care, Chris! 🙂

  8. Theme? There’s a theme? Is it red and pink? Cats? It’s cats? Who knew? lol.

    Poor Chaos. He is obviously scawny and wan in that picture. He clearly gets no attention, no food, no treats, no toys, no consideratio at all.

  9. I also have the Chat Noir poster – it is framed and in my lounge 🙂 What great taste we have! I love the idea of photographing Project Spectrum colours in our homes.

  10. Meeeeooooow … from Tigger, the not so spoiled cat who lives at the woundtootight house. Man do you have it made. This lady barely acknowlledges my presence. But you should see her with the dog.

  11. Well, cats are the obvious choice, but these people are missing the cherry-in-the-warped-spoon magnet from the sculpture garden. So I’m going to go with Things That Aren’t Clothes or Edible.

  12. Your theme is cats ;o) Wow — Noro as a rug! **peers at it’s great textured surface**

    I love that little vintage card, its perfect for you and Chaos ;o)

  13. Funny, I don’t remember you coming to my house and seeing the desk sized calendar I have hanging on my fridge. No really, desk size being held up by 6 magnets!

  14. Why am I not surprised that you own a Laurel Burch bag?
    And you make the best mix CDs ever! Jeff and I have been listening all morning. He especially likes I Wish I had An Evil Twin.

  15. I love your black kitten theme. 🙂 My MIL has a black cat … and her house is full of black-cat-themed items as well. (Her name is Lilibel, and although she’s slightly naughty, she’s still very sweet.) Okay, Chloe and Rini are going to start coming out of the woodwork …

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