Neenah, Neenah, Neenah

“You’re going where?!”

I’ll be heading out to the Midwest Master’s in Neenah, Wisconsin, in a little while. Have a great weekend, everyone! (And don’t get too excited about seeing SRM in that picture – moments after the picture was taken, SRM went flying into the ether after ricocheting of a paw during a vigorous game of fetch and hasn’t been seen since.)

34 thoughts on “Neenah, Neenah, Neenah”

  1. Have a great time at Midwest Masters! I hope SRM shows up while you are gone. How will Chaos feel without you and SRM for a whole weekend?

  2. Have an amazing weekend! Chaos looks absolutely gobsmacked that you’re leaving him for a whole weekend. SRM won’t stand a chance. Enjoy the classes and the shopping.

  3. SRM likely jumped into you suitcase to go along with you. I wouldn’t want to stay alone with Chaos – especially with that look on his face! Hope it’s a great time.

  4. i’m sure SRM will recover and allow himself to be found again. At first, I really thought u meant neener neener neener. 🙂 hope you have a terrific time in Wisconsin.

  5. It sounds like a wonderful experience, and Chaos will be fine for a couple days without you…but he won’t let you think that’s true – I’m sure you’ll be persona non grata when you get back!

  6. Hope you had a great time. No doubt there will lots of pics of goodies to follow….and hope Chaos has forgiven you for leaving him 😉

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