Where have all the contests gone?

Congrats to Dianna, who won The Silence of the Stars (Stars #2) by Kate McMurray!

Congrats to bheds, who won Sharp Love (Gambling on Love #2) by Ava March! Sharp Love is being released today by Carina Press.


At this point, I have no upcoming contests on the schedule at all. *waits for everyone to recover* I definitely will still do contests for authors who email me or send me a PM on Goodreads, but I’m not actively drumming up contest business these days – after five years of doing so, I’ve grown a bit weary of the whole process, which my introverted self has always found exhausting. When I started hosting m/m book giveaways lo! those many years ago, there weren’t a whole lot of options (beyond Jessewave and Elisa Rolle) for m/m authors to let readers know about new work. The Goodreads m/m group was maybe a year old and didn’t have many members. There were a few m/m review blogs such as Jenre, Kassa, DIK (Desert Island Keepers), and Kris’n’Good Books, but they were a fraction of the number of m/m review blogs available now. And m/m books were being released at a slow enough rate that we could read nearly everything as it came out.

So yeah, both authors and readers have a lot more options these days. I’ll still be among those options, but at a more sedate pace/level than previously. I’ll still be doing the Misadventures in Stock Photography most Mondays and Linkity most Fridays. And you can always keep an eye on things via my RSS feed.

Many, many thanks to all the authors and readers who’ve supported Stumbling Over Chaos (and whom I’ve had the opportunity to support) over the years!


“Whatever. I need a nap.” -Chaos

17 thoughts on “Where have all the contests gone?”

  1. I’m surprised to hear that things have been slow. I’ve always enjoyed your contests (even if I never win) and I look forward to your posts (even if I suck at commenting). I plan on bugging you again in a few months when my next book releases, if that’s okay with you. Meanwhile enjoy your free time while you can. I’m sure people will be knocking on your door again:)


  2. Well Chris, it must be a big load of time for you – even doing linkity and misadventures, though Im glad they’ll still be about!
    I will of course still keep up with Chaos and Mayhem’s shennanigans!

  3. Thanks for all the great blackcat pictures, contests, and everything else! Now, I’m cry for a while. Snift, weep, sob!

  4. Thanks for everything, Chris! Been reading your blog for years, but I have to say, my favorite things are Linkity and Misadventures in Stock Photography (and Chaos and Mayhem), not the contests, which I preferred to leave for readers (and I can afford to support authors with cash). Enjoy taking a break for a while, and thank you for the contests you have run for my books – always appreciated it.

  5. I must confess that I visit here for you…and for Chaos & May, even though I haven’t been here of late 🙁 (At some point I will get some balance and get back online in a more constant capacity 🙂 I can’t even begin to imagine how much time is required to run the contests – from sourcing the books to writing the posts to drawing the winner and liaising with the winner…I’m exhausted just thinking about it! YAH for Linkity and Misadventures 🙂 And photos of Chaos & May! And I will definitely try and post more! *hugs*

  6. And there I was just wondering the other day where you found the time to do all this stuff 😉 – glad you’re not totally burnt out (I’ve really missed Jessewave) and will continue to ply us with kitty-snaps and naughty boys 😀

  7. But you can’t stop! I visit every day! Even when I was the other side of the world on very long hols.
    I love Fridays, and Misadventures is always good for a giggle. And what about my daily dose of Chaos and Mayhem?
    And I love the contests too – thank you for running these for so long. Yes, I did win a couple.
    We seem to be at the end of an era for m/m. My favourite review sites have closed down, my favourite bookshops have gone, my favourite authors seem to be publishing less and less. My to read/buy list is growing shorter for the first time ever.
    Having said all that, I can well understand why you have decided to do less. Hopefully, all those authors out there will suddenly send you lots of books!
    I will continue to come back regularly, but perhaps it will be down to once or twice a week now.
    Wishing you well, and hope you have something really interesting to do with the free time!

  8. I don’t know how you’ve done it all, and for so many years! Just *looking* at all the Linkity is an endurance event for me most weeks. Hard to imagine everything else that’s been going on here. Many thanks for all the hard work. We’ll look forward to a refreshed and less rushed Chris. Enjoy the summer!

  9. With your busy job, taking care of the kitties, and other activities (never ending chores, etc.), it always amazed me how you kept up with so many of your postings. Thanks for your interesting postings and the contests with all of the work that was involved.
    Hope you get some wonderful rest and fun in the long Summer days ahead.

  10. *falls over*

    Seriously, though, I don’t blame you. I don’t know how you kept going for FIVE YEARS. I have trouble maintaining a blog schedule for 6 months.

    Does this mean there will be more knitting blog posts? 😉

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