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Congrats to Dianna, who won The Silence of the Stars (Stars #2) by Kate McMurray!

Congrats to bheds, who won Sharp Love (Gambling on Love #2) by Ava March! Sharp Love will be released by Carina Press on June 9.



Think, Do, Make, Learn

  • Migraines. (Although the article doesn’t mention the prodromal phase at all, which I would’ve liked to learn more about.)


Gluten Free



Cool or Wha…?



Teh Cute

Reading Update

  • I’ll give you one guess…

“……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..” -Mayhem

“May’s taking a nap. What do you want?” -Chaos

10 thoughts on “Latchkey linkity”

  1. OK, I just spent a lot of time looking at those sandals. I reserve judgement until I try them on. Which I plan to do, cause I kinda like them. Later I’ll be listening to the old slang phrases. Cool daddio, I gotta 24 skiddo

  2. Chaos is protecting Mayhem?
    Your links make me want to visit Minneapolis just to partake in the secrets.
    I also want the Keen sandals, but only if they come in all black.

  3. Thanks for the musical accompaniment to today’s linkity.

    I think I like the sandals. Sadly, Keens don’t usually fit me well.

    The Red Balloon! It always makes me cry.

    Apparently there were no songs playing when I was conceived, as I am older than music.

    I’ll trade you my truffles for your baklava.

    Clouded Leopard babies! I want them. But only if they will magically stay that way forever.

  4. Well, poop! No, not the MRC menu type, the frustrated type. I found out I was born on National Vanilla Ice Cream Day. Then I wanted to know what my conception song was. I put in my birthday, but the year dropbox only goes back to 1960. Even when I tick the “I had a peculiar birth!” box (born 1461 days early), they still gave me a song from two years after I was born. I repeat, Well, poop!

  5. I can very definitely say that I was not conceived to the tones of a Paul McCartney and the Wings song as he has been banned from my mother’s house since his first appearance in the Beatles :p

    Also, why oh why am I born on national baked scallops day? Yuck

  6. The tip that Lego figures are perfect cable holders was totally worth the price of admission. Also, re: migraines; Dr. Elder Son told me that women tend to outgrow their migraines, although this does not happen until the 50s or so. Happily, I have passed that threshhold. Also, I get to celebrate my birthday with… a banana split! But the folks apparently don’t believe anyone of any significance was born pre-1960, idiots.

  7. I trust my Keen sandals to be easily mocked, and lousy with Velcro. Those look almost…cool, despite the yellow. I love Alec Martinez, and his door knocker just embeauties him even more! Hurray for SCF beards, yeah! They hot, like fresh baked baklava.

  8. Ooh, interesting tips for unsticking writing. I love that it starts with physical stuff, like food and sleep. Those are some of my big problem spots, but I usually forget about them.

    Love the John Oliver FCC thing. Well really, I just love John Oliver.

    Also love the Lego cable holder thing. Now I just need to figure out the best way to set something up, because otherwise instead of cables falling on the floor, I’ll have cables AND LEGO falling on the floor. Much more painful when I step on it in the middle of the night.

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