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Linkity does not approve of seasonal allergies starting in February

Some Regia socks for me from yarn I got for Xmas.

Poor sleeping Mayhem – when she went to sleep, I was in the midst of a Pilates class a few feet away. When she woke up, the living room was dark and I was reading in bed!

Polly is a very chatty kitty!

Usually Polly’s the goofball, but Harry has his moments…

In which there is linkity

I tweaked some blog settings yesterday, specifically related to email. Here’s hoping I didn’t bork things up! 🙂

Polly grooming her tummy.

Annoyed Harry with Polly in the background.

Linkity still boggling at our crazy winter weather

My collage meeting was fun! 🙂

Harry and Polly generating some major teenage energy here!

Poor Mayhem always looks so rumpled these days, even after being brushed.

One of the most unflattering photos I’ve taken of Polly, lol.

Liminal/Subliminal linkity

Mayhem has seen some sh*t.

Polly on my lap, lounging against my reading pillow.

Harry spilling out of the kitty canoe.

At least linkity is cozy in these chilly times

And the last pair of socks I gifted over the holiday season. These aren’t perfectly matchy matchy because of a knot in the skein. Grrrr. But really only the heel flaps differ.

Mayhem enjoying the new fancy sherpa “mink” blanket (from a vendor) (and of course the pet warmer is under the blanket).

Winking Polly!

Harry apparently doesn’t trust me, based on that look.

Linkity prepares for the cold snap

More socks that I gifted in 2023. These were Meilenweit Intenso.

So cute, Polly!

Mayhem deeply asleep on the couch (yes, there’s absolutely a pet warmer under that fleecy blanket!).

Harry and Polly on my lap.

Linkity welcomes 2024

One of the pairs of socks I knit for Xmas – I think it’s a Lang colorway. Excuse the white balance issue – always an issue here in the winter.

Harry and Polly looking deeply suspicious of my intentions.

Polly likes to jump on my back/shoulder when I’m trying to take art journal pictures.

We got a new nip toy for Xmas and Mayhem immediately took it for a trial run.

Last linkity of 2023!

Cute Mayhem and her kittenish face!

Blurry Harry is tired of my shenanigans.

Polly laying on the window ledge with her feet braced against the window. Silly girl!

Linkity thinks this is the weirdest December

New releases: Book Riot (best out this week), Smart Bitches (romance)

Linkity from Smart Bitches.

Good Omens has been renewed for its third and final season!

Watch Patrick Stewart in A Christmas Carol.

Some interesting LotR meta.

There’s an X-Files reboot in the works, without the original cast or director.

Thirty “best-worst” ways to play Doom on its 30th anniversary.

Comparison of 20 different bind-off methods.

Very colorful!

Perhaps you need an eerie retreat center in your life?

I like the “sunrooms for everyone!” vibe.

An interesting church conversion.

And an interesting Southwest MCM.

Very groovy, rather tired MCM.

This has an extremely odd master bedroom.

Disconnect between the interior and the exterior – and the flex space has two photos. It’s not two separate rooms as the blogger thought originally.

A dome home with issues.

Why did they keep all four kitchens?

Stairs that are not just dangerous and ridiculous but also wine storage.

Shelves or stairs?

More dangerous pub stairs.

Pretty Polly.

And handsome Harry.

Would anyone notice if linkity didn’t have a title?

The tiniest blep from Polly.

Harry’s not as crabby as he frequently appears to be.