Linkity and earworms for everyone!

Congrats to Dorome, who won Maybe This Time by Shawn Lane! Maybe This Time will be released by Amber Allure on September 2.

Congrats to Trish, who won Men of Smithfield: Max & Finn by LB Gregg! Men of Smithfield: Max & Finn will be released by Carina Press on September 3.

Congrats to Adriana ME, who won The Good Fight by Andrew Grey! The Good Fight will be released on September 3 by Dreamspinner Press.

No Misadventure on Monday due to the holiday in the US!

So far behind… I can’t remember the last time I read so little during a week. I adore you all, even if I haven’t been commenting. Look for me to be commenting again… around November. 😮




Think, Learn, Do, Make





Cool or Wha…?



  • Psych out! (Make sure you hover your cursor over the comic for additional text.) (Also, this would make a really cool alternate reality m/m romance… just sayin’…)

Teh Cute

Reading Update
Men of Smithfield 1: Mark & Tony by LB Gregg. ebook. reread. Very good m/m romance about a guy who goes a little nuts after finding his boyfriend screwing their landlord in their bedroom and things start to spiral out of control. Then there’s the friend he’s had a crush on for years, who turns out to have a few secrets of his own… (Originally published as Gobsmacked.)
The Perfect Cover by Claire Thompson. ebook. reread. Good m/m romance about a straight guy who gets a job at Caribbean resort for gay men by hiding that he’s straight. But has he really thought the whole thing through?
Beneath the Surface by Kate Sherwood. ebook. Good m/m romance about an unassuming craftsman in a small Ontario who finds himself leading the opposition to a proposed gravel quarry next to his land. Too bad the spokesperson for the other side is so handsomely distracting…
Rarer than Rubies (Precious Gems #1) by EM Lynley. ebook. Good m/m romantic suspense about an m/m author who’s stuck in a rut, so his friends send him on vacation to Thailand, where he becomes inadvertently tangled in a life-or-death adventure with a handsome mystery man.
Italian Ice (Precious Gems #2) by EM Lynley. ebook. Good m/m romantic suspense in which the m/m romance author and the alleged former FBI agent are on vacation in Rome when a ghost from the FBI agent’s past resurfaces, putting strain on his current relationship. The story’s last line (and sadly, the title inspiration) literally made me groan.

A flashback to Chaos at the vet a few weeks ago, feeling very sorry for himself – or plotting my demise…

21 thoughts on “Linkity and earworms for everyone!”

  1. Oh I think Chaos is probably doing both.. all cats seem to have the ability to multi task – particularly when one train of thought involves world domination!

    Have a great weekend Chris!
    A recent post from Kate..In August I read….My Profile

  2. Yes, yes, and more yes about the RNC speeches. I know I won’t vote for Romney (as a Mass resident he wasn’t the best for the state even if he did get some good things done), but watching his team fabricate things from the last 4-8 years. *shudder*

    Oh, and every straight guy I know is into boobs enough that they hardly need the encouragement of an xbox power button bra.
    A recent post from Seanna Lea..fe fi FO fum… yeah, I finished something!My Profile

  3. Great linkity as usual! Thank you!

    I’m with you on book serialization. I like my full-fledged series, but I don’t like paying $2+ for 100 pages or less of story. I might be kind of on board if you could subscribe at a more normal price point or if they bundled into a normal sized book at the end. But it smacks to me of another way to get a lot more money from readers. Plus, I suspect most serials are not going to available from libraries.

    Loved the energy bar recipes. And the dad of the year is a heartwarming story!
    A recent post from Kristi aka FiberFool..Summer Inspired Breakfast On The GoMy Profile

  4. “Displeased.” Now there is a good word that is not used enough. ::must remember::

    Those Neil Gaimans — can’t even give them away 😉

    I love dogshaming. It has made me realize that our newest dog is perfectly normal and probably better than many. Even though we can no longer keep our shoes on the rack or leave them on the floor. Or leave pretty much anything where she can reach it. Thank FSM she hasn’t figured out that she could jump onto a chair…

  5. I’d say Chaos is plotting your demise. He doesn’t look nearly pathetic enough for the feeling sorry for himself option.
    As always, thanks for the linkity 🙂

  6. I made linkity! 😀

    I’d never thought much about Amazon reviews being “democratic”. I got too annoyed that people are able to leave comments on my reviews (beyond just liking/disliking) to leave reviews there except in cases where I really want to spread the word. Certainly a different way to look at it than I had been.
    A recent post from Nicole..FO: Totoro Times TwoMy Profile

  7. Excellent linkity! Why do you hate serials? I was mad when I bought a short that I thought was a complete story, but then it was the first of the serial–no mention of that in the online description. I stopped reading it.

    Thanks for all the great recipe links.
    Have a great weekend!

    P.S. Beware of Chaos–that is some pretty serious, angry contemplation.
    A recent post from Brenda..Some sweater knittingMy Profile

  8. Purple carrots with orange middles are the ancestors of Bugs Bunny’s and my beloved modern carrots? Sounds like somewhere on the evolution (and garden) path, the garnet yam and the carrot used to be close. 🙂

    And ditto, Chris, on The Ever Expanding Landscape of Big Shameless Lies being a deeply disturbing trend demonstrated at the Repub convention. (There’s an acronym waiting to be coined in there somewhere.) Apparently all of reality and history is subject to the Romney Republican Etchasketch Revisionism.

  9. Somehow, using a credit card for a tip that’s meant for a jar (like at the coffee shop) seems to negate the whole cozy, comfy service you appreciate, leading you to leave a tip in a jar in the first place…

    Lots of babies! I love that beautiful black jaguar…

    And LOL! Poor Chaos!
    A recent post from Brigitte..Malcolm Is A PoetMy Profile

  10. Catching up on 4 weeks of linkity… sadly, all the Consumerist links are no more.

    I thought the original Furby was pretty cute (though I never had one), but the new one is scary.
    A recent post from Cheryl S…SOS!My Profile

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