Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 72nd (Everywhere Guy)

Congrats to Laura/Adara, who won Cup Check (Blue Line Hockey #3) by Stephani Hecht! Cup Check was released by eXtasy Books on May 1.

Welcome to another edition of the Misadventures in Stock Photography! Today we’ll be meeting Everywhere Guy, whose real name is Jimmy Thomas. I haven’t done a Misadventure with Jimmy Thomas before because, well, he’s everywhere (his stock photo site notes that he’s on over 1000 covers) and it just seemed too easy. But then I made a little bet with myself that I could do an entire Misadventure from one publisher’s Jimmy Thomas covers… and I won! Not just a Misadventure, but an epic Misadventure!


discovered that

aspects of

were unfortunately

deep in

, at the

, right next to

. This inspired

to share this story about a friend of his: “So I’m hanging out at the bar with the rest of the

, hearing all about

, when

with some chick and drags her and her friend over to our table and that’s when

. Too bad he didn’t realize then that she was actually

and that the

was actually part of her irresistible

, which was

, too.

, I knew that we

long before Trey made his

(and then felt like he had to

) in front of the

(who had such amazing

, I couldn’t tear my eyes away). Yeah, I know that

, so I was all in favor of that

because I didn’t realize it would land me in this


*blink blink blink*


“Grrrrrrr!!! You naughty boys are making me very cranky!” -Mayhem