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Congrats to Tracy W, who won In His Hero’s Shadow (EMS Heat #10) by Stephani Hecht! In His Hero’s Shadow will be released by eXtasy Books on August 15.

Congrats to Majken, who won the Cross Bones anthology, courtesy of Piper Vaughn and M.J. O’Shea! Cross Bones will be released on August 15 by Dreamspinner Press.




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Cool or Wha…?



  • The sad thing about this? It’s totally true for me…

Teh Cute

Reading Update
Ashton and Justice by Stephani Hecht. ebook. Sweet m/m romance about the abused son of a prominent district attorney and the son of a notorious criminal. Their fathers hate each other – how can things possibly work out?
More Than Moonlight by MJ O’Shea & Piper Vaughn. free ebook collection. A collection of three sweet short m/m romances, about two of the band members of Luck in the band’s early days.
Moonlight Becomes You by Piper Vaughn & MJ O’Shea. ebook. Excellent m/m romance about two bands, Luck and Moonlight, going on tour together. The lead singer of Luck becomes fascinated by the lead singer of Moonlight, and is increasingly frustrated because Moonlight’s lead singer treats him coldly and keeps his distance.
A Change of Pace (Change #3) by JM Cartwright. ebook. Very good m/m romance about a guy who moves to North Carolina from Chicago with a chip on his shoulder about the whole thing and then meets a local carpenter he develops confusing feelings for.
Lucky by KM Mahoney. ebook. Good paranormal m/m romance about a bear shifter who moves to a small town in Wisconsin known to be paranormal friendly and meets an extremely unlucky (but cute!) fairy.
The Tower by Chris Owen. ebook. Good m/m romance, set in the indeterminate nearish future, about a guy who works in an office tower where career advancement literally involves moving up the tower/ladder. When the CEO’s administrative assistant (from the very top of the tower) takes an interest in him, he has no idea what to think.
Seeking Kokopelli by Shelley Munro. ebook. Good paranormal m/m romance about the lead singer of a band who’s subtly pursuing one of the roadies (a widower), not realizing that his own odd paranormal secret might need to come out.
Change in Attitude (Change of Heart #2) by Kiernan Kelly. ebook. Ok paranormal m/m romance in which veterinarian and werewolf Dae is called by his brother back to the pack that cast him out, and his human mate insists on going along despite the danger. This felt less polished than other work I’ve read by this author.
Only Yours by JR Patrick. ebook short. Ok short m/m romance about a guy who asks his boyfriend to move in with him… and when he wakes up in the morning, his boyfriend is gone.
The Attorney (The Male Room #2) by Carolyn LeVine Topol. ebook. Ok m/m romance about the lawyer from The Male Room, who’s now trying the gay dating site himself. He’s not doing so well with his picks, though, so one of the site’s owners sets him with someone he’d never have picked for himself.
To Love Again (Bound Hearts, Book 1) by Simone Anderson. ebook. Ok kinky m/m romance about a writer and dominant whose vanished ex-boyfriend turns up on his doorstep as an abused and escaped slave. While the storyline had potential, I never connected to the characters and felt, at times, as if I was reading parts of a research paper or something.
Buried Treasure by DC Juris. ebook short. Ok short m/m romance about a guy who visits his father at the nursing home and one of the orderlies from the nursing home. I just couldn’t suspend disbelief that six months of weekly platonic lunches would seamlessly flow into one dinner date and then moving in together…

Yes, they are built very differently! 🙂 And although you can’t tell from that picture, Chaos isn’t overweight.

Ebook Giveaway: The Saddle Up ‘N Ride anthology [CONTEST CLOSED]

Many thanks to Em Woods for donating an ebook copy of the forthcoming m/m western anthology, Saddle Up ‘N Ride, for a lucky commenter to win! Saddle Up ‘N Ride will be released by Total-E-Bound on January 17.

Jack’s Way by Em Woods
When a down-on-his-luck architect meets a closeted cowboy with a cranky horse, can they find common ground or will ghosts from the past destroy their future?

Ben Morillo, a prominent architect, has a good life. He works for one of the leading firms in New Hampshire, owns his flat and stays out of the lime light. That is until his ex-lover shows up at his work months after their violent break-up, making a scene that gets Ben fired.

Jack Marr, ranch owner and closeted cowboy, can’t believe his bad luck when he has to pick up the handsome friend of his veterinarian. Convinced Ben won’t stick around, Jack struggles to protect his heart before the attraction between them leaves him broken.

Ben and Jack must feel their way through an amused veterinarian, a cranky horse and too many misunderstandings, but in the end, will Ben be able prove that Jack’s way is the only way for him?

Ride ’em Hard Cowboy by J.P. Bowie
Sheriff Joel Harper is being sued, but when he meets young attorney Jason Sherwood, he wants him to handle much more than just the lawsuit!

When Sheriff Joel Harper, ex-wrangler, is falsely accused of assault and battery by a rich rancher’s son, he turns to Royce Chandler and Charles Fletcher for legal advice. What Joel doesn’t expect is to fall immediately in lust with young attorney Jason Sherwood, Royce’s new recruit to his recently opened law office.

Their budding romance is hampered by burglary, hate-filled graffiti, hostile neighbours and co-workers, and by Joel’s own sense of responsibility to his younger brother, Toby. Can their love survive all that’s thrown at them or will Jason decide the ride is just way to rough for him to endure?

Roping His Man by Simone Anderson
When a vacation yields an unexpected surprise, choices must be made and love hangs in the balance.

When Colton Greenleaf returns to his parents’ buffalo ranch after college, he doesn’t count on long-buried feelings resurfacing or the pull of the Wyoming mountains luring him home to stay. He tells himself its only for two weeks, that he can put up with anything for two weeks. But, when he comes face to face with the man of his dreams his first night home, he isn’t so sure. Now, he must figure out whether to take the chance on love or follow his life plan and face losing out on love all together.

Emmanuel Keegan, known only as Hawk, knows that he is ready to settle down. The only problem is that the man he wants is twelve years younger and the boss’ only son. Not only that, Colt doesn’t plan on sticking around any longer than he has to. Hawk knows following his heart’s desire could make him the happiest man on earth or it could shatter his heart for all time.

A Fistful of Emmett by Jambrea Jo Jones
Emmett Longley just lost his job and home. When he hears of a ranch needing a jack of all trades, he jumps at the chance. What Emmett didn’t expect was to find himself drooling over his new boss. And the man was giving off some weird vibes. Was Kit gay or not?

Christopher ‘Kit’ Younger only looks at men to see if they fit the bill to work his ranch. He doesn’t have time for relationships. He never has, and if he did, they would be with a woman. That was until Emmett Longley drove up to his ranch and applied for the job of foreman. Why was he getting hard over Emmett? There was nothing feminine about Emmett so why did Kit catch himself daydreaming about being in the big man’s arms?

Sing For Your Supper by Jaime Samms
Hunger can drive a man to do just about anything in order to satisfy it, but when it’s hunger of the heart, will past relationships keep three men wanting more?

Taylor has left home, chased out by his family because he’s gay, and pursued across the prairies by the man who violently assaulted him in his own home. Now he’s homeless, friendless and using his charm and skills learned on his knees before his father’s farm hands to pay for his meals.

Matt sees something more than a desperate whore in the young rancher who comes to his diner in hopes a quick blow job will buy him a meal. He sees past Taylor’s current circumstances to a man who just needs a clean break.

Matt sends Taylor off to his friend Jim’s ranch hoping the older man will see the same things in Taylor and give him the opportunity to start over. No one expects the visceral attraction between the rancher and his new hire.

When Taylor’s past catches up to him, and he realizes he’s put both men in jeopardy just for trying to help him, he thinks maybe he deserves to be branded the fool he is.

Straight Cowboy by Jan Irving
Joshua Ryan did a stint for much-needed cash as the straight cowboy in gay porn movies but he doesnt think of himself as gay, so why does he want to do the things to Matt James he once did in front of a camera?

Cowboy Joshua Ryan can’t stop his erotic thoughts about Matt James, the hearing-impaired guest he’s taking into the foothills in search of wild horses. Matt James has dreamed all his life of coming out west. Hes at first taciturn with Josh, afraid hes as close minded as some other hands they encounter on their excursion, but when Josh reaches for him unconsciously in his sleep, Matt has a tough time hiding his desire for a straight man.

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