First linkity of 2022…..

Oh hi… :waves: We’re all alive! Thanks to everyone who checked in – those were bright spots in some dark days.

So far I’m giving 2022 a 0/10 (do not recommend), to be honest. On New Year’s Eve day, I fell on ice and felt fine at the time but felt less fine over the next few days and then spent most of the next two months in bed. My hip and lower back feel SO much better now and I’m even back at work. And when I venture outside, I’m wearing something called EXOspikes on my shoes to deal with the snow and ice.

These look great, don’t they?

I hope they don’t just dissolve when my SIL wears them – I knit them from Poem yarn, which does NOT seem durable at all. Partway through, there was a knot and (although I couldn’t tell at the time) the colorway was attached backwards. 😮 Again, 0/10 (do not recommend) this yarn.

Mayhem on her way to a routine vet appointment.

Polly hanging out on the cat tree.

Thoughtful Harry is thoughtful.

7 thoughts on “First linkity of 2022…..”

  1. Great to see you again and here that all is better now. Uhhhh, trouser legs? I will be pondering that one for a while…

  2. I LOVE the goose + ringwraith bit. (But then, I’m sure you knew I would!)

    You found a LOT of cursed links this time around… O.o

    I’ve seen that Poem yarn before and been tempted by the colors. Too bad it’s not a very sturdy looking yarn. I’ll try to remember that next time it tempts me.

    Glad you’re feeling better and hi to the kitties!
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  3. Charge: Vandalism, Malicious destruction of property

    Defendant’s statements:

    Chuck: I was just walking into the HyVee, minding my own business, feeling sporty and breezy in my Sears Trouser Legs. Not every guy can get away with these, but let’s face it. My fuzzy dice are no Spam cubes, if you catch my drift. Suddenly, a guy grabs me and says “Buddy, I’m gonna make you a STAR!” “Huh?” I retorted. He went on to explain “We’re doing a Shopping/Cooking/Dating show, and YOU are going to be part of our first couple! Take a look at the beautiful lady we’re going to set you up with.” he said, pointing off to a young woman, who was having what looked like a similarly uncomfortable conversation. She wasn’t really my type. Not unattractive, with her Bologna complexion (although I’ve always preferred Olive Loaf), but I was put off by the soooo unique crocheted mitt she wore. I tried to yank free, but stopped short when he said “Did I tell you the groceries are free?” Well, that did it for me. After all, when all you’re wearing are Trouser Legs, there’s only one place to keep your wallet, and a quick check of my “natural pocket” told me I’d forgotten mine, so …

    Lucinda May: I was just walking into HyVee, minding my own business, brooding over my recent divorce. Suddenly, I was pulled away from my unpleasant memories – literally – by a HyVee employee, and dragged to the side of the store. “Honey, have I got good news for you!” she said. “See that hunk over there, in the sexy Trouser Legs? Well, we are going to hook you up with him!” She continued her line of quick patter, but I didn’t hear a word. She’d already triggered a panic attack, and I quickly reached into my purse and pulled out my Cozy Mitten. I always tell folks it’s for holding beverages, but I think they know it’s really because I’m afraid of stick shifts. That’s why my marriage fell apart. I was afraid of my husband’s stick shift. “But Honey,” he’d say, “I put on the SynchroMesh! You’ll like it … you know it’s ribbed for your pleasure!” But I just wasn’t having any of it. He left me because I started wearing the mi … “… and the groceries are free!” she concluded, snapping me out of my fugue. Well, I had to admit I was on a tight budget so …

    Prosecutors Closing Statement:

    You’ve heard the defendants trying to excuse their actions by saying they were enticed by the victim. But nothing HyVee did could have led to the destruction these two wreaked on the store. They had only been introduced minutes before they started their rampage, the producers barely even having had time to give them their instructions and shopping list:

    1. Meet 2. Shop. 3. Cook 4. Eat 5. Happily ever after?
    Shopping list: Tuna, Mushroom Soup, Waffles, Stuffed Olives, and Fruity Pebbles Syrup.



    Welcome back!

  4. Welcome back! Too bad the yarn isn’t durable, but the socks are very pretty. Also, some people reverse the colors deliberately.

  5. I am so sorry to hear about your fall! Glad you’re on the mend. I can’t give this year very high marks myself.

    Those mitten cozy things seem a little odd… I don’t think I’d like not being able to set down the drink quickly. But on the other hand (no pun intended), maybe that helps solve the issue of not being able to easily hold cups/cans with gloved hands because the fabric makes them slippery.

    I would totally eat that tuna waffle thing. I wouldn’t ever make it, but I’d eat it.

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