Linkity for a surprisingly pleasant (so far) early August


The neighbors across the hall recently had a baby, so I knit some bibs for a baby gift.


Think, Make, Do, Learn



Gluten Free



Cool or Wha…?



Teh Cute

Reading Update
The Kid: A Season with Sidney Crosby and the New NHL by Shawna Richer. Very good account of Sidney Crosby’s rookie season with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2005-2006. I’m pretty sure that any use of the phrase “beestung lips” is too many – this book used it three times! As a Pens’ fan, it was fascinating to discover the origin of the much-repeated taunt about Crosby diving (blame the Flyers) and disheartening to realize that several of the things Crosby knew he needed to work on during his rookie season (such as letting rival teams get him wound up to put him off his game) remain problems for him today.

Ok, it wasn’t that long ago that I took this picture, but I can’t tell exactly how much of Mayhem is there on the right. You can see one of her back paws sticking straight up in the middle, but anything to the right of that… (Sorry, Cheryl.) Anyway! It’s possible they wouldn’t feel quite so done in by the (moderate) heat if they weren’t on a fleecy blanket…

13 thoughts on “Linkity for a surprisingly pleasant (so far) early August”

  1. Mom’s kitties doesn’t think 30c is warm enough, so if there are no sun beams to snooze in, they hide under her duvet
    Kitties are odd, cute but odd

  2. I so glad that you’re having some pleasant weather and hope it stays a while for you.
    I sure your neighbor appreciated the personal, handmade gifts of the cute bibs.

  3. Woah, knitting! 😉 Nice.

    I now direct anyone who misuses “literally” to Weird Al’s “Word Crimes”. I refuse to accept “literally” as a new word meaning “figuratively”.

    I know enough people who do woodwork for theatre… I wonder if any of them will build me a TARDIS bookcase…

    Oooh, editing your work in a different font is a good idea. I think I’ll probably also edit on a different device – such as write on the iPad, edit on the laptop.

    Some of those cakes look lovely, but I really only need one type of (non-cheesecake) cake: yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Yum. Though I have to say I wouldn’t ever turn down a mud pie (similar to the coffee ice cream cake).

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