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Linkity from sweltering Minneapolis

Congrats to Alex W, who won Equilibrium by Meredith Shayne! Equilibrium was released by Dreamspinner Press on June 24.

Congrats to Wendy, who won Blind Pass (Blue Line Hockey #4) by Stephani Hecht! Blind Pass is being released by eXtasy Books today.

No post on Monday, as it’s a holiday in the US. I haven’t decided if I’ll do the Misadventures on Tuesday or not. Probably not, because there are already three contests scheduled for next week. 🙂




Think, Do, Learn, Make




Cool or Wha…?


  • Back hair art… (Thanks?!, Bron!) (Best not to imagine what those photos would look like when viewed using Hairrrr…)


  • Furry mice only have tails for about two minutes around here.

Teh Cute

Reading Update
Static by LA Witt. ebook. Excellent m/m romance about a guy who doesn’t realize his girlfriend is a shifter (able to shift between female and male) until after her extremely religious parents force her to have a gender freezing chip inserted, which leaves her stuck in her male form. This book really got me thinking on the complexity of gender.
In the Shadow of a Hero by Anna Mayle. ebook. Excellent m/m romantic suspense about a guy who’s been on the street for a long time, as something of a vigilante, and a cop who starts to see the depth of the man behind the grime and bruises. This was complex and involving and will stay in my head for quite a while…
Convincing Leopold (Convincing #2) by Ava March. ebook. Very good historical m/m romance following up with Arthur and Leopold three months into their relationship, as failure to communicate is causing some problems. Far from frustrating me, that failure to communicate made everything feel very realistic – not a Big Misunderstanding, but the slow accumulation of stuff from everyday life.
Handcuffs & Pretty Things (Rawlings Men #8) by Kim Dare. ebook short. Good short kinky m/m romance about one of the Rawlings cousins who is not a cop. This needed to be longer!
Bourbon Street Blues (Scotty Bradley Mysteries #1) by Greg Herren. Good gay mystery about about an unrepentantly slutty personal trainer and go-go dancer who inadvertently comes across some information that someone’s willing to kill to retrieve.
Bear Like Me by Jonathan Cohen. ebook. Pretty good humorous gay fiction about a writer, fired from a trendy gay magazine, who decides to go undercover into the gay bear culture in order to gather material for a book. While the humor of this book just didn’t quite work for me, I believe it will for other readers – particularly those more familiar with real-life bear culture.
Let’s Get Familiar by Amylea Lyn. ebook short. Cute short paranormal m/m romance about a guy without any magical ability who’s feeling lonely because his witch mother and sisters keep scaring away his boyfriends. Then he rescues a giant black tomcat from a storm and tells it all his problems…
On My Knees by Tristram La Roche. ebook. So-so short m/m romance about a guy who, after a row with his wife, realizes he’s gay while talking with a guy he met at the gym. While I really liked the first-person narrator’s voice, the story was all over the place. Insta-love was the final straw.

“I do not have forehead ridges! Mom, what did you do to my fur?! I thought you were just scritching my head!” -Mayhem