My eyeball, let me show it to you (now with more linkity than you’d expect from that title!)

Due to the holiday weekend here in the States, the Misadventures in Stock Photography will be on Tuesday instead of Monday next week.



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Reading Update
Fall Down the Mountain by P.D. Singer. ebook. Very good m/m romance about a guy who works as a ski patrol at a fancy resort and who’s having a hard time getting over both his crush on an unavailable man and not having been able to save someone from dying in an avalanche. Will the sexy chef who lives down the hall from him be able to help him move on? I must confess to getting a titch frustrated with the main character’s clinginess during part of the book, even though I completely understood why he was acting that way.
The Best Man by L.A. Witt. ebook. Good m/m romance about two guys who become involved in a casual affair as they’re both getting over being dumped. This was one that I thought could’ve been very good to excellent with a bit more editing to tighten up the story. (And, hey, stalker alert!)
His One and Only (Only Forever, Book 4) by Shawn Lane. ebook. His One and Only was a sweet finish to this m/m romance series centered around the partners at a California law firm.
Poisoned Ivy by Scott Ryersson. ebook. This so-so historical paranormal m/m romance about students at Yale in the early part of the 20th century just never really came together for me. Between the language (aping Jane Austen? or trying for a more literary feel?) and the WTF ending, I never warmed to the story.
Straight as an Arrow by Sean Michael. ebook. Good kinky m/m romance about a guy who travels a lot for his job. He’s in a long-term relationship, but starts to surf D/s chat sites while he’s away from home. Typical Sean Michael fare, although one of the major aspects of this book was so implausible that it definitely detracted. (All that eye rolling I had to do, you know.)
Bound Together by Jane Davitt. ebook short. Very good m/m romance about a book collector who discovers his dominant tendencies after a younger man shows up on his doorstep selling a rare book. (Yes, that is Candy Cane Guy in the back. Good show, you!)
Aftermath by Angel Martinez. ebook. Good m/m romance about a long-term couple who struggle to recover after one of them is betrayed by a friend and assaulted. I did have a bit of a niggle about the couple not using condoms after such an assault…
Mastering Toby by Jan Irving. ebook. So-so m/m romance about a straight actor on a gay soap opera who has some confusing feelings for his gay costar (and best friend). This book never really came together, for all sorts of reasons: pacing issues, an odd tangent from the main storyline 2/3 through, and a mixture of Eastern mysticism and D/s that just didn’t work.
Strange Carnivorous Flowers from Outer Space by Matthew Vandrew. free ebook short. Cute short scifi m/m romance about a guy who’s taking his alien boyfriend home to meet the family.

From the Dreamspinner Midsummer’s Nightmare Daily Dose…
One Wild Wish by Devon Rhodes. ebook. Very good paranormal m/m romance about a band hired to play several shows at a mysterious lodge, with a contract that has some very unusual clauses that they sort of fudge.
Romanus by Mary Calmes. ebook. Good paranormal m/m romance about an exhausted firefighter who gets lost driving home after his shift and whose life will never be the same.
Beneath Lake Redemption by Libby Drew. ebook. Good paranormal m/m romance about a guy who rents a houseboat to check out a mysterious area of Lake Redemption because he suspects it hides a secret government operation.
Give the Devil His Due by Zoe Devlin. ebook short. Good paranormal m/m romance about a guy who tries to avoid emotional entanglements because the Devil takes away those he loves.
Reverie by Dawn Kimberly Johnson. ebook short. Cute paranormal m/m romance about a guy who saves someone’s life in a dream one night, then starts to wonder if it was actually a dream.
Halfway House by Lisa Worrall. ebook short. Pretty good paranormal m/m romance about two college students who don’t really know each other and are just sharing a ride home for Spring Break… and then the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.
The Man in the Woods by Ashleigh Brannigan. ebook short. So-so paranormal m/m romance about a guy who gets a flat tire while driving on a desolate road through the woods and is rescued by a very bossy and slightly creepy guy. And what the heck – this is at least the third story I’ve read from the Midsummer’s Nightmare Daily Dose that’s based on a car breaking down on a deserted road!! Hmph.
The Min Min Lights by Barry Lowe. ebook short. Ok m/m historical romance about a relatively innocent young British man who interviews with a more worldly Australian who’s looking for a tutor for his children. The ending was a bit abrupt and left me “huh?”
The Gray Ghost by J.J. Levesque. ebook short. So-so m/m romance about a couple who have just purchased a house that no one’s stayed in for longer than a week.

Last week, I woke up to discover my eyeball looked like this:

I was, understandably, somewhat freaked, but it turned out to be very minor – a subconjunctival hemorrhage, which can happen when you’re sleeping, sneezing, coughing, or simply stressed. It’s quite a bit less dramatic now (because the red bits are mostly above and below my pupil), but probably won’t fade completely for another week.

Due to a new store in my neighborhood, things have been a bit noisy as July 4th draws near. Make sure you embiggen the photo to read the signs. Truth in advertising indeed!

Speaking of fireworks…

“I really, really hate all the loud noises outside, Mom. It’s probably your fault, so knock it off!” -Mayhem

46 thoughts on “My eyeball, let me show it to you (now with more linkity than you’d expect from that title!)”

  1. Thank you so much for all the links! I hope you have a lovely long weekend!

    Oh, must go vote in Kris’ ‘Chose Your Own M/M Romance’. And no school should not have a library!

    May – I’m with you on the fireworks. I loathe fireworks!!!
    A recent post from orannia..An Endand a BeginningMy Profile

  2. Oooh, your poor eye!

    I don’t know, I think that I would like to keep all 10 fingers as long as possible, before blowing them off to Kingdom come, but that’s just me.

    Have a happy 4th!
    A recent post from lorraine..A Slight InterruptionMy Profile

  3. I soooo want a wafflesicle maker. Dip in syrup and enjoy. Yum.

    That link about the unhelpful cat reminded me of this video of Cat Lassie (scroll down) my friend Adam posted on his site today. Too funny.

    Must read Fall Down the Mountain and the Witt one. I like stalkers. 🙂

    Have a super long weekend and hope the kidlets aren’t too frightened by the noise. We had a bit of noise in our neighborhood but I don’t believe the cats even looked up from their naps. Oh and your eye freaked me out. Glad it is getting better but, ewwwwww.
    A recent post from Tam..Friday UpdateMy Profile

  4. Smoked salmon vodka? Seriously…leave well enough alone. Your eye looks painful and even though I know it’s not a big deal it’s not fun walking around with a big red eye. I’ve been there.
    Moxie and Max feel your pain, Mayhem. They have been hiding under the bed for a few days now and may be on doggy tranquilizers all weekend. Poor boys.
    A recent post from margene..There are TimesMy Profile

  5. Love the alligator pattern, thanks! I so want a Waffsicle maker! Salmon Vodka…really who thought that was a wise idea?

    May…just pretend its someone playing the drums.

  6. Ewwww – my mother had the same eye problem a couple of months ago. At least it’s nothing serious, just scary-looking.

    Loved the St*rmore Twilight comic.
    A recent post from Cheryl S…Who KnewMy Profile

  7. Amazing links as always. Thursday, now Friday mornings, are truly entertaining since I started spending them here.

    The menstruation device is pretty weird, as was the video, and I can’t imagine there will be a big demand for it. Loved the idea of the Wafflesicle, I can see the kiddies being tempted to eat breakfast now. 🙂

    Wow, you rocked out on the reading. Impressive!!

    And as always, thanks for the mention.
    A recent post from Lily..Weekly Update 26 and The Friday 56My Profile

  8. Who, indeed, needs all ten fingers? This is some post, girl. So many links, so little time. Take care of that eye. It does look painful. And, Happy 4th!!

  9. I very much liked the price tag placement thingie. Truly it never occurred to me that people might do that sort of thing on purpose. I’m sure it makes the job more interesting.

    Your eyeball is eewie. Hope it’s all better soon.

  10. I would really like to read “Fall Down the Mountain” it sounds good…

    That menstruation machine? Huh is right! *shaking head* And, a “Wafflesickle”? um O-K?

    That Amazon Reader Reviews vid – OMG too funny Chris! These sites are hilarious!!

    And, thank you for the mention, as always it is so appreciated.

    A recent post from Lea..Contest Alerts-My Profile

  11. I have had several of those hemorrhages and they always come at a time when I least want them—granddaughters wedding, a graduation, a baby shower, etc.

  12. I had something similar happen to my eye when I was a kid.. I hope it gets better soon! I can’t believe I missed my chance to get an upside down 61 star flag for my house!! Man. There went my chance to be EXTRA patriotic!
    A recent post from mouse..Herding CatsMy Profile

  13. Awww – you added my ode to Astak! lol Thanks honey!

    Rainbow ebooks – cool.

    Love the author reacting to Amazon reviews! Great pictures.

    Price tag failures – hilarious. I especially like Tigger and Pooh. *snort*

    Holy Shit! Your Eye! I first looked at the picture and thought wtf is that? I almost fell off my chair when you said it was your eye. Glad it’s better.

    Wow – lots of books to buy. I’m such a suck! lol
    A recent post from Tracy..M-M Challenge Review- Winner Takes All by Elizabeth Silver and Jenny UrbanMy Profile

  14. *gasp* Mary Calmes has another m/m book, love her.

    So, I’m trying to decide between Sean Kennedy’s Wings of Equity, Shawn Lane’s Pieces, or MAry Calmes new book. Pick one for me Chris.

  15. KC– go for Mary’s book! (Okay… so she’s a friend. It was still an awesome book!)

    And awesome linkity… loved the price tags gone wrong, and Franklin… oh, Franklin, Franklin my knitting comic genius… LOL!

  16. Chris, you find the best stuff!

    It’s horrible that some school libraries are going by the wayside. More and more of my students rely on the internet for research, and few of them actually check out fiction unless I make them.

  17. Oh your poor eye. I had a similar thing happen under my eye several years ago. It looked like someone had punched me in the eye.

    Hey, just the other day I was thinking how nice it would be to eat with the same tool I used to tighten dirty nuts and screws. 😉

    Now I know why I always have a bad case of bedhead. LOL!
    A recent post from Sydney..The Food EditionMy Profile

  18. Your eye, it (still) wigs me out.

    Loved the Twilight knitting humor- I can so identify with the counting one. 😉

    The price tag placement was awesome, as was the Urban Fantasy belt. I used to have that belt…

    However, the school library closing article is just depressing.

  19. The vast amount of stuff you pack into these post is great…

    Hope the eye is OK now – that is frightening actually..

    I see the Panther Princess is already warning you about the noise levels – poor baby..


  20. How can I be both amused and agog – all in one linkety post? “Who needs all ten fingers?” and a menstruation machine complete with vivid demo photograph? If I had eaten lunch, I would lose it.

    I truly do hope your eye clears up and there is no permanent damage. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy a safe and relatively quiet 4th.

  21. Books on the Knob has brought me TONS of free books. Granted. Some of them are just deleted right away, but I don’t feel so bad ’cause I didn’t pay for them!

  22. It took me a couple of days to work thru the linkitys, but there’s lots of good stuff here.

    My guy especially enjoyed the menstruation machine. NOT! Tho’ I did enjoy showing it to him and freaking him out. lol

    Love the “how google works”!

    Ouchy on the eye. I’ve had it happen before because of “high eye pressure” (like blood pressure but for the eye). Hope it clears up soon!
    A recent post from Renee..June 2010 Read Books- Part 1My Profile

  23. Ha! That Franklin’s a hoot. Up until a month ago, Franklin and I were neighbors, frequenting the same Caribou.

    While I’m not too into the vampire books, I’m tempted by the Chicagoland vampire book!
    A recent post from Jodi..Pimms progressMy Profile

  24. I’m clicking though the links, tempted by the wafflesickle, amused by the price tags, then freaked by your poor eye! Glad to hear that it’s “minor”! Now stop it with the health stuff.
    A recent post from Carrie K..Uffish ThoughtsMy Profile

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