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Reading Update
Sleepwalker by Jordan Castillo Price. ebook. Very good m/m romantic suspense about a night watchmen at a decrepit natural history museum who has a weakness for the skatepunk taxidermist brought in for some last minute exhibit cleanup. (Jordan reports that the followup book will be called Insomniac.)
Reasonable Doubt (The Boys in Blue, Book 2) by Mia Watts. ebook. I would’ve thought this m/m romance was very good, even if I hadn’t been mentioned in the dedication. 🙂 I loved the first book (Bad Boys, Bad Boys) and I was thrilled to read more about Geo and Mack!
Life After Joe by Harper Fox. ebook. Very good m/m romance about a medical intern who’s been living in a haze of booze and one-night stands in the six months since his boyfriend of years left him for a woman. I got sniffly while reading this one.
Marrick’s Promise (Thrown to the Lions, Book 2) by Kim Dare. ebook. Very good kinky paranormal m/m/m romance about a young man who’s determined to live life to the fullest and try everything once (but not necessarily twice). Will he change his mind after getting thrown to the (were)lions?
Miles and the Magic Flute by Heidi Cullinan. ebook. Excellent dark fantasy m/m romance about a man who’s lost his job and his dream life and been forced to return to his small home town in Minnesota. When he finds a mysterious silver flute in the pawn shop where he now works, he becomes caught in a series of fantastical events he could not have predicted… or have believed.
Word on a Wing by Jamie Craig. ebook. Very good kinky m/m romance about a directionless young man who gets pulled over by the infamously tough sheriff and offered a dangerous deal that will keep him out of jail…
Number Theory by Noah Bogdonoff. ebook short. Ok very short, somewhat literary feeling m/m about a boy who sees the world in binary/black and white.

From the Dreamspinner Midsummer’s Nightmare Daily Dose…
I Fell in Love with a Zombie by Sean Kennedy. ebook. Very good post-apocalyptic m/m with which I had two problems: the ending is abrupt (is there going to be a sequel?!) and I kept hearing this song in my head the entire time I was reading.
Raiders by Evan Gilbert. ebook short. Enjoyably wicked m/m paranormal short about two homophobic hustlers. I’m not saying anything more about this one, because the surprising twist was a big part of the fun!
Enter the Succubus by Kate Roman. ebook short. So so m/m paranormal romance short about a gay college student who’s accosted by a creepy woman who won’t take no for an answer.
66 Hours in the Devil’s House by Jamie Freeman. ebook. Pretty good paranormal menage about a celebrity trio and their best gal pal who stay in an allegedly haunted bed-and-breakfast for a weekend to determine whether the hauntings are real.

“You put your right paw in, you put your right paw out, you put your right paw in and you shake it all about…” -Chaos

34 thoughts on “Lost lands of linkity”

  1. I want the toaster. But I have a feeling that if had it I’d just watch the toast…umm…toast rather that actually eating it!

    Oh, so many pretty books I want to read this week. Word on a Wing, Life After Joe and Miles and the Magic Flute. And you’re in teh dedication of Reasonable Doubt? WOW!

    Chaos – you’ve got to watch those feet 🙂 Tricky things *grin*
    A recent post from orannia..ObligationMy Profile

  2. I have the Heidi Cullinan book on my tbr pile and am looking forward to it even more now.

    I think Sean said there was a possibility of a sequel for his zombie book. The ending was supposed to be in keeping with the genre where the heroes head off into a uncertain, yet hopeful future – a bit like the end of Terminator, I suppose.

    Is the Jamie Freeman book a m/m/f? In which case I’ll give it a miss. I’m intrigued by the Evan Gilbert book. I must add JCPs book onto my TBR pile but I’m a bit snowed under with reviewing at the moment – how did that happen? I gave up my blog and I’m STILL spending hours writing reviews (just don’t tell hub *g*).

  3. I love your linkity posts. The articles you posted Bookity section sound very interesting – my father and I just had a quite in-depth conversation about publishing houses and the e-book revolution; I’ll definitely be forwarding some of those articles to him.

    That Lego comic made me totally LOL – that’s EXACTLY what I remember about Legos – digging for an eternity to find that teensy tiny little piece, and stepping on it afterward. OUCH!

  4. Coming back to check out all the interesting links – thanks for the good word. Right now my cat Yoshi is chirping at me to feed him. My cat chirps, my bird speaks English. This morning, at 6:45, the bird said – “Wake me up.” This is a new sentence for her. She usually says “Wake up” every morning.
    A recent post from Julia Rachel Barrett..Mia Watts pours her heart out.My Profile

  5. Yep. I have a Yellow and a White Pages sitting on my doorstep at this very minute. Going directly into the recycle bin.

    Chaos, you are not shaking anything at all!

  6. Jenre: The Jamie Freeman book is m/m/m. 🙂

    Guinifer: I hear ya. They leave 20 copies of each on the front steps of our building and no one wants the accursed things.

  7. Great links. I especially appreciated the article about pubs not listening to readers or not understanding what it is readers want – entertaining books at a reasonable price – this ain’t brain surgery. The big pubs put so much money into so few authors they really struggle to provide that service.
    Oh – poisonous food for pets – and there are quite a few. Some dogs do tolerate chocolate. My dog was one who could eat quite a bit of milk chocolate and he loved it. My vet told me he’d have to eat something like 72 ounces of bitter baking chocolate to get poisoned – considering his size.
    A recent post from Julia Rachel Barrett..Mia Watts pours her heart out.My Profile

  8. I am having a very hard time taking those Misdummer’s Nightmare covers anything close to seriously… :p

    I think I have a copy of the phone book in my car. “Just in case.” Of course, this is ignoring the fact that if I need the phone book it means my iPhone isn’t working, which means I can’t call any number I locate in the phone book, anyway.

  9. Wouldn’t it be great if this hit North America…But I highly doubt it.

    “The EU has a great initiative underway to make sure “digital devices don’t lock consumers into proprietary tech”.”

    I wonder how effective they’ll be.
    A recent post from Anna Shah Hoque..Some of my fave men…My Profile

  10. When can I move into that bookshelf apartment??? Now? Please?

    The JCP sounds great!
    More about Geo and Mack? I’m there.
    The Harper Fox and Heidi Cullinan and the Sean Kennedy and the Jamie Craig all sound wonderful too. Dear heavens the TBB is growing!
    A recent post from Tracy..How Do I Love Thee?My Profile

  11. Oh wow I can’t decide to buy Jamie Craig’s new m/m book or try and find a coming of age m/m like S. Blaise short story in Curious and JP Barnaby Little Lost Boy.

    Chris, make the decision for me!

  12. The offices around here usually get a stack of phone books but only one or two ever get used. The rest sit on a shelf somewhere.

    I like that Hug-a-Plug thingy!

    I guess I’ll never get my unicorn meat order now. 😉
    A recent post from Sydney..The Food EditionMy Profile

  13. Wow, impressive list. I thought of you the other day, as I consider it your fault that I have two Sophie Katz audio books on my mp3 player now

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