Shhh! Sleeping Kitty Zone!

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    • Last night, I was harmlessly sitting in my bathroom when Chaos, apparently attempting to leap out of the tub and chase after May, got tangled in the shower curtain and fell into the water dish.
    • What? You don’t have a kitty water dish in your bathroom? What happens when they lock themselves into the bathroom when you’re not home? (The toilet is kept closed to keep kitties from playing in it, so it’s not available as a water source.)
    • The kitty treat trick worked very well on Chaos (aka Mr. Food Motivated).
    • He started to get a clue as he was zipped in, but it was too late! *bwahaha*
    • May suspected something was amiss and didn’t jump into the other carrier, but she was too slow to flee the scene. *bwahaha*
    • Verdict #1 from the vet: tartar! Both kitties will need to go back to get their teeth cleaned.
    • Verdict #2 from the vet: May continues to maintain her perfect self (quote from the vet on a prior visit: “She poops rainbows!”), but Chaos…
    • Chaos needs to lose a pound and… has an ear wax issue.
    • Back on the prescription vitamin D, hi-ho, hi-ho.
    • Still waiting on the official test results letter from my doctor to see what else might be awry.
    • Hmm. Not hiding that I’m in a bit of a mood very well, am I?
    • So… Tell me something that will cheer me up! Anyone who leaves a cheering comment on this post by 6 pm CDT, April 11, will have the chance to win their choice of one of the following mix cds: Coffee, Everybody Wants To Be a Cat, Eh Canada, Werewolf Moon, Vampire Life, Books, or ManLove. Winner will be selected by random number. [CONTEST CLOSED]

    *…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…* -Chaos

    58 thoughts on “Shhh! Sleeping Kitty Zone!”

    1. ManLove, you have the best mix names. Just the best.

      The Kobo’s release date was announced for May 11th. It is too soon for me to buy it, because it is a month (or so) before my birthday. I’ve been obsessively following it since you told me about it, and it still manages to look pretty good!

      Also also good: chocolate. I have these tiny Neuhaus chocolate eggs, and I have been saving them. I’m going to eat one this weekend (creme brulee egg, how you call to me!).
      .-= Seanna Lea´s last blog hope =-.

    2. Sorry to hear you Vitamin D deficient 🙁

      Could Chaos give his pound to Bill? Because Bill isn’t eating well ATM…

      Something to cheer you up…..I had a not nice week so I can’t think of much, but…I’ve discovered a new cookie site (thanks to Kris) called ManLove. There was a picutre on that site earlier this week that I could just not stop staring at. It was…rather explicit. A first for me…and I couldn’t stop looking at it! I’m being corrupted and I just don’t care. *grin* I can send it (the photo) to you if you like?

      Oh, and in stacking my four cubic metres of firewood today I discovered some stowaways – a family of skinks (! I had to re-locate them – all SIX of them. They are fast and hard to catch. The losing their tail defense mechanism = scary!
      .-= orannia´s last blog ..What Ya Watching? (Part II) =-.

    3. Annabelle knows that the water in the bathroom dish tastes different than the water in the kitchen dish, of course! Sometimes better, sometimes not. Maybe it’s the lighting and the overall ambiance of the venue. Or not.
      .-= Jane´s last blog ..We are going =-.

    4. Bartholamew chases his tail. Or rather there’s this tail that will come up and attack his butt totally unprovoked and the more annoyed B becomes the more the tail flips about! Then he has to kill the tail. Die Tail Die! We not only go around in circles to attack and kill the ebil tail, we start doing summersaults. Even at 14 yrs old he still gets that wild eyed kitten look and goes around and around. Last time he did this… he fell off the bed. I laughed. Hard.

      And as I type this, Pepper’s gearing up for this weekend’s NASCAT 500. Must be happy hour! 😀

      (do hope your day improves!)

    5. Actually my cats prefer to drink in my bathroom. I keep this hot pink cup of water on the side of the tub and they hop up there and drink from it. Go figure.

      Something happy? How about these two funnies I found.

      The perfect license plate for an m/m hero.

      A Facebook fail that made me laugh.

      Hope you have a better day.

    6. I don’t know if this will be precisely cheerful, but I did 8 weeks of the Rx vitamin D and am currently on 2000iu of Vit D-3 daily now until probably forever – so you are not alone.

      PS – I am also choking down 1200mg of Ca to enhance the absorption of said D. Gah, I feel old today.
      .-= trek´s last blog ..In which we sing =-.

    7. I take 2000IU’s of D3 every day, and have for years. Keep taking your D’s!

      Hmmm…food in the carrier, huh? I wonder if it’ll work with Atticus. Usually the only thing that does work is shock and awe.

      I have nothing funny. Well, Gandalf and Malcolm competing for the title of Most Awesome MMA Kitty is funny for me, but not so much for you…
      .-= Brigitte´s last blog ..A Handsome Model =-.

    8. Awwwww-such a cute pic of chaos sleeping. wait till he finds out you posted it on the internet..
      I checked looks like you will be in sunshine this weekend–yahoo. trying to cheer you up.
      can i still be in the contest.

    9. Here’s something cheerful for you:

      “The kitties survived their vet visit!” Oh yeah? That’s nothing. What’s even more astonishing is that YOU survived their vet visit. 🙂
      .-= Marsha´s last blog ..Wandering Winterthur =-.

    10. Would the ridiculous number of flowers blooming here be cheering or depressing? We’ve got tons now.

      If that doesn’t help….it’s Friday. And you got quite an impressive photo of Chaos without being disembowelled. 😉
      .-= naomi´s last blog ..eye candy friday =-.

    11. (((Hugs from Canada)))

      Just think that nice warm vitamen D infused weather will quickly be upon us and you will be able to get out in the sunshine. 🙂

      I know, animal maintenance, along with human maintenance is costly and often stressful, but hey you are the best kitty Mom ever!

      I mentioned your contests and linkety post in last night’s blog post Chris, I’ll update with this one.

      Hey – it’s Friday! Thank Gawd…

    12. Something to make you smile… brigthen up your day….

      Hummm…Okay I must be a sucky friend.. lol…

      Well… Let’s go find Candy Cane Guy to make us feel better, lmbo!

    13. Sorry to hear that you’re having to deal with health issues for both you and the kitties.

      Something to cheer you up: My graduate assistantship was renewed for next year even though the school is in financial crisis and I recently presented a paper that I wrote to a class of undergraduate students because the teacher thought it would help them understand how to grasp both feminist and gender theory.

    14. You know why I don’t take Harley to the vet? Because they would just tell me she needs to lose weight! Well, that and the fact that, despite being chubby, she’s impossible to catch. Actually, the roly-poliness adds to the impossibleness – when I do catch her, she just kind of rolls right out of my arms!
      .-= janna´s last blog ..It’s a miracle! =-.

    15. Chris–You are a great Mommy for your kitties. Your prescription should help you feel better. And you have a wonderfully hilarious site that attracts lots of weird fans. What more could you want?

    16. I’m in allergy hell right now – keep this in mind while you read my cheering message. “Cheer up” 😉

    17. The sun is getting higher in the sky, so you should be able to make some Vitamin D by taking a walk outside with your arms bared to the sunshine. Plus walking is good for the psyche. If only you could take Chaos with you to help him lose his pound…I’m sure he’d like to be out amongst all the peoples. *cough* *cough*

      I hope you have a good weekend! We are supposed to get more wintery rain. *sigh*
      .-= Brenda´s last blog ..One April Sock and a Nice Surprise =-.

    18. LOL @ Lorraine. 😀

      But I notice that while you might be in a bit of a mood, you’re not as badly off as you could be. You didn’t even throw one *mope* in there. (Or perhaps you’re so far gone that you forgot. But if you’re poorly off enough to forget to *mope*, things are bad indeed. The horror, the horror!)
      .-= Nicole´s last blog ..Writing WiPs Don’t Have Pictures =-.

    19. Chaos, the black tiger, swimming in the wild swamp of the bathroom tub, and a little lethargic from his recent water buffalo snack, snagged himself in the curtaining vegetation only to land in some skinny mynx’s play pool.

      I’d guess that Minnesota, like many northern places, isn’t the best place to suck up vitamin D. I remember reading, though, that the Japanese believed that going out naked to greet the sun was a good thing. Turns out, they’re right. Something about the angle of the sun and wavelengths and vitamin D. So, go outside naked in the morning. Bring Chaos on a leash. He’ll freak out and get some exercise, becoming a sleek black panther again.
      .-= lisa´s last blog took more than 20 minutes =-.

    20. I take 5,000IU of D every day because I live where the sun hardly ever comes out. If it does, it’s too cold to bare any skin to get any of that natural D! phooey!
      My cats like to drink from the measuring cup I use to fill the steam iron, so I try to keep that filled with fresh water for them.

    21. As everyone would say in Hawai’i (back when I taught there and DARED to give homework on a Friday…):
      “Miss! It’s Aloha Friday!” (then imagine 7th grade boys and girls SINGING),”Is Aloha Friday, no work til’ Monday!”

      🙂 So smile! You don’t have homework, do you?
      .-= Mary´s last blog ..No, Yesterday’s Post Was Not A "Fool" =-.

    22. I vote for lisa’s suggestion. Greeting the rising sun naked every morning, accompanied by a leashed Chaos, would really, REALLY spark up your life.

      You have my email addy if you need bail money…
      .-= kmkat´s last blog ..Whew. =-.

    23. As you know, I had the same problem with D and was on the Rx for 3 months. Now my doc has me take a daily gel cap of OTC D in 1000 mg – I get it at the natural foods co-op and it’s pretty inexpensive. I’m liking that the lower dose doesn’t bother my gut the way the Rx did!
      Hope they get yours straightened out!
      Poor kitties … dentals! The Meezer comes home punch drunk after hers!
      .-= Knitnana´s last blog ..Mid-Week Fun =-.

    24. My sister has Celiac’s also and is all about gluten free and vitamin D. Hopefully all works out well and nothing else comes up.

      We keep the bathroom doors closed (try very hard to) and Kitty’s water and food is on top of the washer. She hates eating/drinking on the floor. She is Miss ‘High not Low’ Kitty Kat.

      Check out this fabulous video that I found the other day. The first minute is kind of slow but then it picks up and is super fun.
      .-= Lily´s last blog ..To the Max by Julie Lynn Hayes =-.

    25. Bummer about the pound and the vitamin deficiency. If only you lived in a sunshine state….no?

      Hmmmm to cheer you up? I don’t know how cheery you’ll find this, but I’m totally jazzed that I wil; have NEXT FRIDAY OFF. AND SATURDAY. AND SUNDAY. AND MONDAY. Multiple days off in a row!!!!!
      .-= Carrie K´s last blog ..Change is Evil. Well, mostly. =-.

    26. I’m sorry you’re having a sucktastic day. There seems to be a lot of that going around this week. 🙁

      Love the picture of Chaos though, it’s had not to smile looking at that level of goofiness. 🙂

      but don’t tell him I said so.)

    27. I’m late to the party so I hope you’re feeling better today. I just have 2 words to cheer you up. Yaoi con. Or is that one word yaoicon? Or maybe hyphenated? yaoi-con? I know not. Hopefully between the word/words and my own stupidity you’ve got a smile on your face. 🙂
      .-= Tracy´s last blog ..Anticipation =-.

    28. On Tuesday, I came home to find that the puppy figured out how to open the pocked door in the kitchen and he and his co-conspirator, his seven year old aunt (who should know better) just had a gay old time pillaging the house. They both greeted me at the door and he had white powder in him legs and face that turned out to be a five pound bag of flour which he distributed all over the house. The cats of course said that they tried to stop the pillaging, but the dog’s refused to listen to their good sense.

    29. I have a bowl of water on the counter in the bathroom for Katie, out of ferret reach. Clyde likes to dig the water out of the bowl. No I don’t know why. 🙂

      This is actually the first day this week that I wasn’t Ms. Grump. (It’s still pretty close though.) Hey at least you should start getting more sun. But really the best I can do is a silly cat-knitting joke I just saw on Twitter.

      My cat swallowed a ball of wool a few weeks ago and she has just had mittens.
      .-= Sydney´s last blog ..Easter =-.

    30. I completely understand having a kitty dish in the bathroom. My cats have one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. Cat-the-Second expects water to be in the kitchen, and Cat-the-First hops in the shower and licks it every time I go into the bathroom. I’ve started keeping a bowl in the shower for her (when it’s not in use) since I’m think any residual soap/shampoo residue can’t be good for the kitty.

      I hope you’re feeling better. *hugs*
      .-= Eyre´s last blog ..Recent Reads =-.

    31. He started to get a clue as he was zipped in, but it was too late! *bwahaha*

      I love that moment – the ‘oh crap, she got me again!!’ moment. Makes me feel oddly like a god, and very very smart for having tricked the cat again. 😉

      Here’s something to cheer you up. It always makes me chuckle, but then again, my mind’s always in the gutter…
      Whiteys Red Rocket
      .-= Ava March´s last blog ..Deliberately Unbound – Free Story =-.

    32. Oh, I hope you feel better! Something cheery. Well, once Chaos gets that earwax out of his ears, he’ll be able to hear better…and freak out more. Not Cheery? How about, have you seen how much people LOVE the new Jim Butcher book? it’s his best!
      .-= Carolyn Crane´s last blog ..Krazy times at the Romcon blog! =-.

    33. A vet taught me a great trick. I casually stick the double cat carrier in the bathroom before they come inside. My cats love to accompany me in the bathroom in the morning because I open up the cabinets for them to climb in. I shut the bathroom door behind them, lower the carrier and I stuff them in backwards. Never try to get them in frontwards – they are geniuses at preventing cat carrier front entry – they suddenly have the strength and agility of ten cats! Must be rear entry!
      .-= Julia Rachel Barrett´s last blog ..Break in case of manmade and/or natural disaster =-.

    34. I wanted to send you a kitty picture to cheer you up but I’ll have to resort to describing my daughter’s cat, Molly, who thinks typing at a keyboard is a new game and will hide behind the monitor, peaking out on occasion until she is sure you aren’t looking and then she’ll pounce on your fingers. WE have pictures of Molly with her crazy hunting face on.

      Molly hasn’t liked me until recently. She used to hide in the recessed space just below my living room ceiling and wait until I had almost dozed off watching television and then she’d drop to the couch just inches from my arm in an attempt to kill me via heart attack. WE have reconciled of late for my daughter’s sake.

      You were over by my blog recently talking about promo’s. I see you keep a pretty interesting stream of them going here. What do you suggest?

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