In which absolutely no kitties will be going to the vet today *nudge nudge wink wink*

  • Crazy, crazy weather here – yesterday, it hit 80F.
  • The normal high for April 1 is 49F; the record was 82F… in 1882.
  • It’s been really dry, so things aren’t as green as you would expect with those temperatures.
  • The flooding you hear about is from our too-fast snowmelt while the ground was still frozen.
  • We do have rain in the forecast for the next few days…
  • Nothing to worry about re: the title of this post – just their regular annual checkup.
  • I prepare for this event by getting both cat carriers out a few days early.
  • At this point, if I don’t ‘fess up to leaving one of the cat carriers out all the time, Jeanne will share that tidbit for me. 😉
  • What can I say? I don’t want the cat carriers appearing to be a “zOMG! Flee! Flee! Flee!” trigger.
  • And they like to nap in the carrier that I leave out all the time.
  • I tossed some kitty treats in each carrier last night… baiting the kitty traps, as it were.
  • It never fails to amuse me that in the property description for my condo, my outdoor parking spot is described as my “garden apartment”.
  • Can’t say much for its ambiance.
  • Have a great weekend, everyone, be it a holiday for you or not! 🙂

“I’m sure that you heard wrong, blog reader. I’m sure Mom’s not going to take us to the vet. That would just be mean.” -Mayhem