Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the Eighteenth (Boys on the Beach)

Thanks for all of your cheering comments on Friday! Congrats to Nikki, who won the mix cd! (She selected the Coffee Mix.) We had a lovely sunny weekend here, perfect for taking a walk or two. ­čÖé

Allow me to introduce you to the Boys on the Beach. I like the one on the right. You?

Alas, the poor Boys on the Beach ended up

and the guy on the left was so traumatized by the experience that he bleached his hair blond.

Bad, bad choice. So he had to hide his head in shame for a while, but

the guy on the right convinced him that beauty was in the

and the guy on the left started to feel better about himself again. (Hey, wait, where did the beach go?!)

Finally his hair grew out, so they returned to the beach and walked on together.

The end. Until I find more pictures of them, of course.

Friday night, I caught Mayhem napping in one of the cat carriers – I’d say she doesn’t blame it for taking her to the vet, huh?


“What? Why is it a big deal to nap in this portable kitty cave?” -Mayhem

42 thoughts on “Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the Eighteenth (Boys on the Beach)”

  1. Congrats Nikki! I hope you’re feeling better Chris? Oh, and I agree – the one on the right ­čÖé

    See, while I love (with a passion) By Degrees, I wish it had a different cover.

    And what’s with the blond hair?

    May – too cute for words. My puddy tat didn’t look nearly as happy as you do when I took him to the vet this evening.
    .-= orannia┬┤s last blog ..Learning By Degrees =-.

  2. Ewwww. That blond hair is horrid. Sigh. I don’t really care for that picture that much to be honest. Just doesn’t work for me.

  3. Wow. That is some nasty blonde hair! *shudder* The guy on the right is just slightly more in shape looking than the guy on the left. Makes me almost wonder if it is the same guy just photoshopped to be a bit bigger (and obviously different pose).
    .-= Seanna Lea┬┤s last blog ..my pokewalker =-.

  4. I totally get a Twin Peaks vibe here, what with the sudden hair-bleaching and all. ­čśë

    I like the guy on the right, too. Wish he’d turn around, though.

  5. Here’s what I have to say about those guys: bleah.

    And that close-up, where they’re supposed to look like they’re holding hands? Bleah.

    I need a kitty cave of my own.

  6. That’s one long-ass beach. Which accounts for why one guy’s hair got bleached from prolonged exposure to the sun.

    This pic really needs to be retired. Can’t someone find two youngish men and a strip of sand and snap some new photos?

    Here’s my take on the cat carrier (’cause I’ve had many cats and have studied cat psychology *g*). May has come to see it as her escape FROM the vet — a refuge. Nobody pokes and probes her in there.
    .-= K. Z. Snow┬┤s last blog ..Another week of too much me. =-.

  7. It is a wonderful kitty cave – and May, just because you weren’t traumatized doesn’t mean that you don’t blame her for the vet visit. It just means that you associate Chris (and not the wonderful kitty cave) with the vet. You are correct to blame Chris and not an inanimate (wonderful) object.
    .-= CatieP┬┤s last blog ..Ishbel & a Bib =-.

  8. Congrats to Nikki! We had a beautiful weekend too, just the right temperature.

    I’ll take the guy on the right. I’m kind of leery of guys who get bad blond hairdos. But really I’m not wild about either one.

    It looks like the perfect napping spot to me, May.
    .-= Sydney┬┤s last blog ..Easter =-.

  9. *I like guy on right too.*

    I also love the beach..

    Mayhem, you have found the best kitty cave ever.

    Congrats to Nikki re the CD.

    Glad the weather was nice this weekend Chris – good to get out. ­čśë

  10. Glad you are feeling better hon – Good weather does that everytime…

    As for the covers – I have always thought that particular picture was the boringest pic for a cover…

    And the cover artists have not failed me in not being able to do anything with it…

    **Waves **at Mayhem… Remember the Vet hon… That’s the dreaded bag…
    .-= Erotic Horizon┬┤s last blog ..Another Monday ÔÇô What are you reading.. =-.

  11. Thanks again!!

    and you know the kitty cave isn’t responsible for the trip to the Vet! It was an innocent bystander!

  12. Why o why do they insist on changing hair color/length via photoshop? It always looks so horrid.

    Our dog’s crate is at the foot of our bed. (Decor in our house suffers in the face of catering to the big guy.) He’s in it half the time, just hanging out. The hard part is keeping my kid out of it when the dog is in there. lol
    .-= Renee┬┤s last blog ..If you could give a book to someone. . . =-.

  13. I totally agree with Seanna – that guy on the right is SO the guy on the left, except someone was mean to him and scaled him wider in photoshop. He’s wearing the same jeans, shoulders are the same height, same hair (when he’s not bleaching it)… Ok, so the original artist who made the photo took his tattoo off before making him unattractively wider. But if I were that dude, I’d be ticked. Who would want a wider version of their butt plastered all over book covers?
    .-= Ava March┬┤s last blog ..Random News & a Meme =-.

  14. What you didn’t like my cheer up message that simply said cheer up? Geez, what high standards ­čśÇ Yes, definitely the one on the right.

  15. Sigh, some covers should definitely be retired.

    I wish my kitties liked their carriers. If Cat the Second sees her carrier, I won’t see her for days.
    .-= Eyre┬┤s last blog ..GLEE!!!! =-.

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