Ack!! Ack!!

Ok, I’m not feeling very coherent, since I watched the first 21 hours of 24 (season one) over the weekend (damn you for lending me the DVDs, Amy!), so I’ll just tell you about a few things going on around knitblogland.

On Friday, Margene had a nice round up of a contest and some recent ‘alongs that’s definitely worth checking out.

Stephania’s having a contest for her birthday – drop by and guess how many fathers she has (!!!!) and you could win some fun yarn!

You knew it was coming – a Victorian Lace Today Knitalong.

Lolly’s announced Project Spectrum 2.0! It starts February 1 and the colors are combined a bit differently. Also, each group of colors gets two months, so hopefully things will feel a little less frazzled.

(I’m sitting back and scoping out all the various ‘alongs that are appearing and biding my time. I’m trying not to jump on all the bandwagons, since that inevitably means that I fall off most of them.)

Oh, all the “acking” in the title?! Look at what I discovered when I pulled my sock knitting out of my purse Saturday morning. Sorry these pictures are so terrible – I was distraught.

May quickly took advantage of my distress…

“Hee hee – I’m sure Mom won’t notice me running off with this little bag of yarn right now.” -M

62 thoughts on “Ack!! Ack!!”

  1. Uhm…what in the world did THAT?

    Yeah, 24 is addicting. Don’t bother watching it on TV, the commercials will drive you crazy.

  2. And here I thought the Acks were from you watching 21 hours on TV. I’ll need some time to recover. 😉 When you start watching TV, you do it with gusto.

    Your poor needles! It looks like they bent in the same spot too.

  3. ooo… what a good show to get obsessed over!

    totally totally…

    my mom got the first season for xmas a few years ago and didn’t start watching until last year. then she got all obsessive and watched the first season in a day. then she ordered the second season and watched that in a day. then she ordered the third… i think you get my drift 😉

    she got br and i hooked too… but i couldn’t get into the second season.

  4. *GASP*….again….*GASP* I,I,I, please Chris, I need a sedative. I am sprinkling moth balls in my yarn bag and purse to ward off Needle Gremlins.

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