Ack!! Ack!!

Ok, I’m not feeling very coherent, since I watched the first 21 hours of 24 (season one) over the weekend (damn you for lending me the DVDs, Amy!), so I’ll just tell you about a few things going on around knitblogland.

On Friday, Margene had a nice round up of a contest and some recent ‘alongs that’s definitely worth checking out.

Stephania’s having a contest for her birthday – drop by and guess how many fathers she has (!!!!) and you could win some fun yarn!

You knew it was coming – a Victorian Lace Today Knitalong.

Lolly’s announced Project Spectrum 2.0! It starts February 1 and the colors are combined a bit differently. Also, each group of colors gets two months, so hopefully things will feel a little less frazzled.

(I’m sitting back and scoping out all the various ‘alongs that are appearing and biding my time. I’m trying not to jump on all the bandwagons, since that inevitably means that I fall off most of them.)

Oh, all the “acking” in the title?! Look at what I discovered when I pulled my sock knitting out of my purse Saturday morning. Sorry these pictures are so terrible – I was distraught.

May quickly took advantage of my distress…

“Hee hee – I’m sure Mom won’t notice me running off with this little bag of yarn right now.” -M

62 thoughts on “Ack!! Ack!!”

  1. Ack is right!!! Noooooo! Were you able to straighten them out?

    OK, so now I have to recover from the fact you watched something on TV! So it was a DVD, still…


  2. OMG. So many things to OMG about.

    I’m the first commenter. BOOYA!

    You turned on your television this weekend?! OMG.

    And OMG. I don’t understand what all the acking is about, but OMG anyway.

  3. Oh no! That’s such a bummer!

    Come do Poppy Along! If you’re so inclined you can give it a shout out too. I can’t wait to make this. I said it. I’m excited to knit a, dare I say, GARMENT!

  4. Oh no! the poor needles! I’m so sorry. I hope that you were able to bend them back into shape. But maybe you do need to invest in a sturdier sock bag so it doesn’t ever happen again!

  5. I hope you were able to bend those back out! Thanks for the ‘warning’ though.. I’ll be sure to carry my sock knitting Addis in a more sturdy case after seeing that!

  6. Wow…what happened to the poor needles? Doesn’t Addi have a lifetime warranty? I’d sure check on that, given what those things cost.

    And as for 24…BWAA HAA HAA! Told you! Just wait until you get to season 5!

    Don’t you wish there was a real-life David Palmer?

  7. Don’t be upset about the bent needles! You just own the first pair of needles designed for knitting around corners.

  8. ack! looks like those needles got slammed in a door or something! I would have cried…and then there would have been a LOT of swearing.

  9. Oh no – do you need replacements? Just let the doctor know before Wednesday and I’ll bring them along with me. As for “24”…told ja!!

  10. Ohhh oooooh oooooh!!! Poor needles!

    And oooh ooooh oooh you have a WHOLE lot of catching up to do before Sunday night!! Once a 24 addict always a 24 addict!

  11. Whoa. I can not even begin to think how that happened. That’s just crazy. If they are addi’s they’re guarenteed for life, you know…..

  12. Well, at least if you use them that way, your stitches aren’t likely to fall off. Hope nothing else was hurt in whatever incident caused it!

  13. 21 hours? Holy frijoles, now that’s commitment.

    “The difference between making a contribution and making a commitment is like eggs and ham for breakfast. The chicken makes a contribution. The pig makes a commitment.” ~ Fred Shero

  14. Hehe, just you wait, you’re going to become a 24 addict and there’s nothing you can do about it. I’m like a crack addict awaiting my hit, which will be so splendid this next weekend when Jack Bauer returns to save the US from impending doom.

    And are those Addis? I had no idea they could bend like that!

  15. Holy Crap, Chris! You’ve really got to loosen up when you knit.

    I have some addis that did that and I just bent them back more or less and guess what? Now they’re awesome because they curve to my hand. HAHAHA. Plus, there are 2 very different looking needles on one circular cable and I never have to guess which one I’m supposed to be knitting with.

  16. Oh no! I’ve discovered that most of my knitting needles are bent a bit, I figured it was due to my strong hands and tight gauge. Your hands must be REALLY strong.

  17. Chris- If those are Addi’s, they will replace them. I know, I’ve had mine snap and they sent replacements, no problem.
    If they’re not, cats find the wires irresistable!

  18. Good luck with the sock knitting problem and thank you for watching your eyeballs out this weekend, I feel better knowing I’m the only one who does that sort of thing. LOL

  19. 24!!! Mom got us seasons 1 & 2 on dvd this past summer. Watched it all, but dh put some dampers on it…no more than 2 shows a night. It was terribly addictive and they ALWAYS leave you hanging. We have not watched it on regular runs, and I’m not sure I want to start in on season 5 (it starts soon!) because, would that ruin 3&4? I kept looking at your sock in progress and wondering, what is wrong here? The yarn looks fine, the sock looks fine, why is she fussing? A few minutes later I saw it…ACK!

  20. Oh no! That’s some bent needles.

    You don’t watch TV for ages and then you pick 24 to break the fast on, so to speak? Good gravy.

    Next, check out MI-5.

  21. …Not that I’ve ever done that.

    So… What is that in the first picture? And why can’t I figure out why it’s a tragedy? Knitters thing?

  22. I feel so much better now about watching four continuous hours of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Bravo and ABC, at least, have discovered that if you go straight from one show into the next with no commercial break, people will not get up off the couch.

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