Randomly random

Ok, the needles? I have no idea what happened to them. Wouldn’t you think I’d remember slamming my purse in the car door or my purse getting run over by a truck?! As far as I know, I put the needles in my purse after a work meeting on Friday afternoon, proceeded home as usual, and opened my purse the next morning to find perfect right angles. Purse gremlins?! I bent them back and now they’re just a little wavy. Perhaps I should apologize to all the knitters traumatized by the sight of those needles, who now must worry if they will open their knitting bags to discover the same thing…

I finished watching the first season of 24 last night – whoa! I so did not see that ending coming. The next two seasons are already on their way to me… *twitch twitch*

Please drop by and wish Deb a belated happy birthday and Jeanne a happy birthday (Jeanne’s link features her cats modeling hats…)! I’ll wait… 😀

Jenn’s having a contest to guess how many balls of yarn are in her stash. Leave a comment by 10 pm CST, January 14. Very brave of you, Jenn! I definitely do not want to know this about my stash – too scary!

Janna’s having a blogiversary contest – simply leave her a comment before 10 pm CST, January 15, and you could win sock yarn or a copy of Knitting Without Tears.

Reading Update
The Club Dumas by Arturo Perez -Reverte. I was several chapters in before I realized that this book was the basis for a movie I’d seen, The Ninth Gate, starring Johnny Depp. I remember being a bit disappointed by the movie; I’ll have to revisit it now that I’ve read the book. I enjoyed the book and although I figured out little bits of it, I didn’t figure out the whole thing and was amused at the ending.This was the second book I completed for the From the Stacks Winter Reading Challenge.
Immoral by Brian Freeman. This thriller is set in Duluth, MN. It was pretty good, although the middle segment contained too much techy court stuff for my taste.

So, I think May might be up to something – perhaps ultimate evil… What do you think??

“Bwah-ha-ha!” -M

Chaos could not be reached for comment.

“…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…” -C

31 thoughts on “Randomly random”

  1. OK. That is one funny picture of May.

    Yes, it is rather frightening that they bent like that on their own…creepy. Were they near a heat source maybe?

  2. Your cats look possessed in those pics. LOL.

    I tried to watch “The Ninth Gate” several times and always fell asleep within the first half hour. Zzzzzzzz….

  3. The needle thing still creeps me out! I can’t imagine such a think happening without notice. Yikes!

    My dad is hooked on 24, but I haven’t watched it yet. What a way to break that no-TV being turned on in so many months, LOL!

  4. May is looking for trouble. Maybe she is just trying to spice up her January (now that she is spayed, evil is about her only option). But I’m with Chaos. Nap time! I wish I could relax as well as a cat.

  5. Personally I think both cats are up to something. You may want to cut back on the kitty uppers. 🙂 The thing with the needles is still so strange.

  6. Personally, a truck hit and run would explain those needles more than purse gremlins. But yes, you’d think you remember. You didn’t go into a yarn coma or anything, did you? Were you holding those needles when you had your migraine?

    May is definitely up to something. Isn’t she always? Chaos is on to something. Naps are good.

    The end of The Club Dumas was such a letdown! I loved it all the way up to the end where it just…….ended. It’s as if his editor told him – four pages more, maximum.

  7. There wouldn’t happen to be little tooth marks where the needles were bent? Someone in our household decided over the holidays that iPod earbuds were mighty tasty. Forensic evidence led to the capture of Ruby. We knew it wasn’t Rufus because the holes didn’t match those made when he bit clear through the poly-carbonate lenses on my sunglasses.

  8. Club Dumas was a really fun read! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Ninth Gate–eh, no, not so much. (Too bad, given the twists and turns provided by the book, PLUS Johnny Depp–how could they go SO wrong?)

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