Happiness is…

Sheep pants and black cat slippers. Yeah, baby. That’s what I’m talking about.

*sniff sniff sniff* -C

If you’ve been reading for a while (ok, ok, over a year), you might remember the black cat slippers. The “real” cats are used to the slippers. The newly arrived Counting Sheep Fleece Pants (apparently a return, as they were only $16.99) seemed to cause Chaos some consternation.

“What the hell are these fuzzy little critters, May?!” -C

*sniff sniff sniff* -C

“These fuzzy little critters look like they might be good to eat, but they just don’t smell right…” -C

“Well, nothing to do but try ’em out!” *CHOMP* -C
“OUCH!!!” -me

49 thoughts on “Happiness is…”

  1. Uh oh, I wonder if Target ships to Canada?!? Those are SOOO cute!

    That’s too funny, I don’t think any of my guys have ever tried to chomp on my clothes! Although I did have duck slippers that quacked, and they used to scare poor Atticus when he was a kitten!

  2. Wow….you are a dedicated blogger to endure a chomp for a kitty picture! I would’ve been outta there with all that suspicious sniffing!

  3. OMG- Chris- I have the matching slippers in pink! But I must say, those black cat ones are the -excuse the expression- cats payjamas!
    And Chaos and May are getting s little frisky- is that slipper envy?

  4. Now I am TOTALLY in love with Chaos! I love bitey cats!! I wonder how he enjoyed the flannel flavor!

    Chaos’ opposite, my white Boo kitty, is a delightful and professional bitey kitty.

    One day, one day, I shall have a black kitty, but not while Boo has anything to do with it, lol.

  5. LOL! Somehow black cat slippers, sheep pants, and a kitty chomp just seem to go together. Chaos is just trying to save you from a sheep attack. I have some frog slippers that I hardly ever wear because Katie and the ferrets like them too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Dang Girl, all these people stealing your pants, you better hope Chaos doesn’t bite you again. Minnesota woman caught streaking in route to hospital, cat attached to lower calf.

  7. Oh – biting is a real no-no here. Tig would be in a big time out with a swat across the butt first. You’re obviously too nice to your cats!

  8. I’m sitting here cracking up. Did you get bitten earlier and then decide to photograph it? Or did you have your camera in your hand when you got bitten?

    I could swear I see two kitties in Photo #2.

  9. lol

    cats are so cute… i love when they grab hold and sniff….

    naps is incredibly interested in the fish… we have to keep a close eye on him…

    he says hey to chaos and may!

  10. I have the same pants.

    Well not the same pants, but the same styled and designed pants.

    So did you smear tuna on them, that Chaos is very interested. And may I say ouch!

  11. LOVE the outfit! Chaos was probably trying to out the competition before they got comfortable.

    C- “More?! Isn’t May enough?”

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Total payback for the bib modeling gig.

    BTW, you only knit 12 bibs? Are you sure? I would’ve put it in the triple digits……not that I’m partial to hyperbole or anything…..

    Congrats to Chaos & Mayhem on their JenLa award!

  13. Heh, very funny pictures hope your poor leg is alright! We got a velvet chair at an auction a while back and Sallymander has taken to attacking it furiously ever since it arrived.

  14. oh how funny–i just posted pics of my fuzzy cat slippers, too! lol

    i love the purple baby sweater…it looks so good on May, how aon earth are you going to bring yourself to give it away?

    and what are you going to do once Chaos figures out how to get the sheep off of those pants? *giggle*

  15. Hey there, Chris!

    I am sooo glad to know have a moment to read your blog at length and catch up! I am glad you are feeing better (!) and the New Year should definitely pic up now.

    Your jammies are great, and you know this, as cats always love the best of everything.

    I’m currently at a resort in the Blue Mountains, Australia, where I will finally have a chance to blog, because I am not surrounded by non-loggers and knitters. ๐Ÿ™‚

    To quickly backtrack, the theme for the Sydney fireworks was “Oz,” (as in the wizard’s city), but the American theme didn’t translateโ€“โ€“indeed, at the children’s fireworks at nine o’clock, they were asked to click their heels three times. How could you if you never saw the movie? At the main fireworks display, the theme was given up. Oh well.

    I’m having a great time, and you are on the souvenir list! Plenty of picks to post! It’s Monday at 10:10am here.

    My email isn’t set up here, so you can answer via comment. See ya soon!

  16. Well, you must’ve put a coal under my fire or something because I made up that coin kitty. Just posted pics. I think the fortune kitties are cuter, but this may be more functional?

  17. Oh my, Chaos doesn’t seem to like the jammies. Glad you are feeling better as I have been playing catch up on my blog reading. Happy New Year to you and the kitties.

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