Midweek Bookity Break

Nicola of Alpha Heroes is giving away five copies of the upcoming Naamah’s Kiss by Jacqueline Carey. Leave a comment by June 24 for your chance to win.

Largehearted Boy’s giving away a set of David Wellington’s vampire novels. Leave a comment before midnight CDT, June 19, for your chance to win.

Do vampires have hearts? Answer that question in your comment at Fang-tastic Books for your chance to win a pdf copy of Susan Blexrud’s book Love Fang.

For a chance to win a book from Shiloh Walker’s backlist, leave a comment at Literary Escapism by midnight, June 23.

J. Kaye’s giving away the audiobook Testimony by Anita Shreve. For your chance to win, leave a comment before June 27 and then stop by after June 27 to see if you won.

Check out the free ebooks available from eHarlequin, including titles from Stephanie Bond and Michele Hauf.

Scary thing. If I hadn’t gotten divorced (one year marriage, one year separation), this would’ve been my 20 year anniversary.

I’m honored that Nicola of Alpha Heroes was inspired to do a post of book reviews in my, um, succinct style.

Dear Author had a nice look at the week in ebook news.

Weigh in with your perception of ebook quality. Then go read an amusing (scary?) review about an ebook that seems to embody all the worst that you’ve heard/read.

Interested in DRM-free ebook publishers? Here’s a list.

The New Yorker interviewed Nora Roberts – go, Nora!

Could Amazon be moving to non-Kindle ebooks?

Curious about the new, larger Kindle? Gizmodo reviewed the Kindle DX.

Reading Update
Twice the Temptation by Suzanne Enoch. Half historical, half Samantha and Rick contemporary. Heck, if all of Enoch’s historicals are as much fun as the first half of this book, I could be swayed. But I still like Enoch’s straight-up contemporaries better.
Familiar Vows by Caroline Burnes. Mystery, romance, and a black cat sleuth! Too bad the main character has a bad case of TSTL for the first half of the book. Cute story, but I’m not interested in reading any others in this series.
Too Good To Be True by Kristan Higgins. I spent the first part of this book sort of annoyed with most everyone in it, but I thawed a bit in the second part.
Three Brides for Three Bad Boys by Lucy Monroe. Hopefully no one got hurt from all the eye rolling over the title? Very steamy set of three interconnected novellas.
In Darkness Reborn, Redeemed in Darkness, and Darkness Unknown (Paladins of Darkness, Books 3-5) by Alexis Morgan. Favorite quote, from Darkness Unknown: “But as far as she knew, they’d never made a show about a woman who raised alpacas, spent her evening hours knitting, and had no social life at all.” Not only are there hunky Paladins fighting evil, there are alpacas! Spinning! Knitting!
Turn Coat (Dresden Files, Book 11) by Jim Butcher. Amusing abs quote from this book: “He might have been just a little bit smug, the bastard. His abs looked like they were added in with CGI. My abs just look like I can’t afford to feed myself very well.” Ah, Harry. We love you anyway! But I really, really, really hated how this book ended. I was traumatized.
The Nymphos of Rocky Flats by Mario Acevedo. Felix Gomez didn’t come back from fighting in Iraq with post traumatic stress disorder or Gulf/Iraq War Syndrome. Nope. He came back as a vampire. Now he’s a PI, investigating an outbreak of nymphomania at the former Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant. Well-written and I deifnitely wanted to see how things would end, but I doubt I’ll read more of the series, because I just didn’t care about Felix that much.

“Legs? Who needs legs? Go away and quit bothering me. Look! Over there! It’s Mayhem, doing something stupid cute.” -Chaos

26 thoughts on “Midweek Bookity Break”

  1. Whoa…20 years! Yikes! But isn’t it good things worked out for the BEST?! I know I am. I would have been married…*thinking*…15 years? this past March.

  2. Happy Unniversary? Wow, you are right, ok, I definitely noticed the lack of knitting hiding under all those books today. Shhh, it will be our little secret. Chaos, you sound just like my grandfather.

  3. Happy not-aversary?

    Also stressed over the ending to Turn Coat.

    Just finished reading Whittington by Alan Armstrong. Told from the point of view of the cat – you might enjoy it – short juvie fiction.

  4. ha ha ha ha…. some of those books sound positively sultry- but something about the woman who knits having no social life at all makes me roll my eyes even more than that ridiculous book title about the bad boys! ha ha ha

  5. Heh…Bradon had asked recently if I knew anything about the Nymphos of Rocky Flats series, and I immediately checked to see if you’d read it. I’ll be sure to pass your review on to him.

  6. Next year would have been my 20th…I think? Yeah. 1990 was the year my hellish 11 month marriage began. ;o)

    I *heart* Dresden. I need to read that one again since I kind of sprinted through it (thank goodness for iPhone readers, if I pack any more crap for the car show this weekend I think R will kill me just to make space!)

  7. Very interesting about all the ebook readers. I’ll have to delve into that some more. I should look for any reading blogs about people who read mysteries, although they may be too anti-social to blog.

    I think Chaos is grumpy because you don’t read your books aloud to him. He may have a romantic soul, and being a cat, he can’t read.

  8. Chaos you really were intended to be an Egyptian God weren’t you. You look so royal in that picture, well royally perterbed. (how do you spell perterbed?)

  9. OK, I like the quote from the Dresden Files book, so I think it is time for me to actually try the series.

    And well, every time I see abs, I want to sing the Monty Python spam song, only with abs instead!

  10. I was divorced just before my 8th year, so I started counting backwards. It was my 4th unanniversary this year :).(I count from the date of the divorce decree/judgement.)

    Happy -18th! or so.

  11. Finished Vows looks like it has May on the cover.

    20 years! Yikes that is a long time ago. We were cheering the downfall of the Berlin Wall and coming out of a decade of bad fashion sense then. Although saying that I saw someone with lime green neon legwarmers on the other day. Oh save us from dire 80s fashion disasters!

  12. Now I’m thinking of that “Happy Anniversary” song (was it from The Flintstones?) – I guess it’s technically now your personal anniversary of the day you got married. Or I think it was Carol Liefer who used to joke about weddings being annulled and then reading the wedding album – “Oh that? That was just some play I was in …”

  13. Weird coincidence – I’m late in reading this, but that puts it back to the 10 year (to the day) anniversary of my first (and failed) marriage.

    Also – paladins? And alpacas? And spinning? Might have to add those to the TBR list!

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