In which one of Iowa’s top tourist destinations is revealed

Wenat has a gift for creating lace scarf patterns that show off the pooling power of Wollmeise. Make sure you follow the link in this post to her other pattern.

The intersection of craft and technology can result in some amazing projects!

Image sharpening can really help improve a slightly blurry picture. I don’t have Photoshop – I just use Picasa.

Llama ennui?

For your chance to win a very, very steamy paranormal ebook, leave a comment over at Romance Junkies.

Random picture that amused me. I wonder how many people wondered why I was laughing in the parking lot and taking pictures of a bumper?

Why?! Why?? Who likes beans that much?!

Um, no. No cats in hats, please. Chaos would kill me in my sleep. Although this kitty seems ok with hats, doesn’t he?

This is why I don’t have curtains! How many of us can relate to this?

If you find all the smartphone options as confusing as I do, Gizmodo’s comparison might help. (I keep looking at the cost of data plans and deciding that I don’t need to be that connected.)

Lifehacker links to ideas for no-equipment exercise.

Speaking of exercise… Thanks, everyone – my foot is much better! Probably time to dust off my bike and give my feet a break.

Lovely – the Twin Cities are #5 in the US for road rage.

According to futuristic movies, we have exciting times ahead.

If your dad drinks coffee and you need a last-minute Father’s Day gift, this photo frame coffee sleeve is pretty clever. (Curses. My dad doesn’t drink coffee.)

Ugh – some of these recalls are a bit scary, like that Starbuck’s coffee grinder. Eww.

“I wouldn’t recommend moving that arm, Mom.” -Chaos

33 thoughts on “In which one of Iowa’s top tourist destinations is revealed”

  1. Um…*coughing*…*shifting eyes*…I uh, like baked beans that much. Really. Really.

    Did your Home Care staff take good care of you while your foot was sore?

  2. Heee, melted llama.

    I think the consensus our lab discussion of iPhones reached the other day is going to stick for a while: iPod Touch + GPS is plenty, and without all the connection charges.

  3. The cat in the chicken hat…is priceless!
    Still saving for a netbook & I figure that it’s as close to “connected” as I’ll ever get – free wifi where I can catch it on my tiny laptop.
    Unless I pop for one of those new Ipods too – so I have free wifi where I can catch it on my Ipod. Can’t justify a data plan…

  4. We decided that we don’t need to be “that connected” for the same reason!

    Oh, yeah, and the Lifehacker suggestions on strtig with a cheap, second hand thing to see if you like the activity before sinling mega bucks into it? Yeah, I’m there.

  5. You know…I’m a bit amazed that my cats haven’t climbed my new curtains. Forgot all about that! When I was growing up, it happened all the time. Hmmm….

  6. I’ve always wanted to go on a cross-country road trip, visiting all the weird roadside attractions – biggest frying pans, rubber band balls, and the place just on the western edge of Kansas that claims to have a living five-legged cow. The timing and money have just never worked out right….

  7. Who likes baked beans that much?! Seriously! I’m all for a side of Big Reports, but not enough to warrant needing a portable Beans Microwave. *shaking head*

    Glad your foot’s feeling better…if the weather there is as shitty as it is here, you may not get on your bike for a few more days….

  8. I had to laugh, I grew up about 20 minutes from Brandon, IA in Independence, IA, home of a very stately Mental Health Institute, and a large Amish community. If you blink, you won’t see Brandon, its teeny tiny. The frying pan wasn’t there back then, obviously they are after the big tourism market that a large frying pan brings.

  9. I’m with a number of commenters about the coffee grinder. Why would you clean the appliance without unplugging it first? If it can turn on without power that is one thing, but I figure people were leaving it connected. Just a bad idea!

  10. I can’t count the times I’ve been sitting at my computer wish I could just reach for some beans. That’s because the number is zero!

    As cool as the smartphones look, I barely use my current ancient Palm phone. Being more connected won’t help.

    Wasn’t there a previous list that had Minnesota listed as one of the states with the most polite drivers?

  11. hmm. latest charlaine harris wasn’t as good as expected. reading another Gabaldon book now. looking forward to latest JR Ward, Evanovich, and Brockmann. what you got on your to be read next list?

    ps. guess what I got?

  12. I really don’t think one should be dressing up cats… it’s just not right!

    And I’m quite disturbed to see that Chicago is 14th most courteous?! Are you kidding me? And Phoenix is WORSE. Hahahaha! NO way. Chicago only ranks like that because there’s so much traffic we can’t be ruder. I RARELY see people signal here, and don’t try crossing in a crosswalk with a baby (nobody stops. doesn’t seem very courteous to me. but apparently that doesn’t count).

  13. Careful when you’re out there on your bike – especially with all that road rage!

    I agree with Thursday re: 90% of Chicago drivers. They are often rude, self-centered and treat that blinker thing on the steering column as decidedly optional. And I am one of the few who *do* stop at crosswalks – raising the ire of the driver behind me, to which I reply with, um…a rude hand gesture.

    BTW, I love the Deep End scarf link. Queued it straightaway.

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