Smells like…

Not a lot to see here today – I pulled or strained something in my foot over the weekend and I’m too crabby and uncomfortable to be good company today. Be glad you aren’t my coworkers. πŸ˜€

*sniff sniff sniff* “Smells like… abs.” -Mayhem

“Tastes like… green paper.” -Mayhem

Ahem. Should you win the contest, be warned that some books may have sustained surface or puncture wounds. This should in no way impede their usefulness as books.

“I bet that book would be tastier if there was a big fluffy bird on the cover. Why don’t you read more books with birds on the cover, Mom?” -Mayhem

24 thoughts on “Smells like…”

  1. Poor You! I hope your foot is better soon Chris. πŸ™‚

    One of my friends says books should appear read / in other words – used. ;)I hope Chaos and Mayhem are enjoying the read…

    Take Care

  2. LOL – I lent a friend of mine a pair of black leather wedges for a wedding and she called me up the night before and was like, “What are all these little holes in the soles of these shoes?”

    And I said, “Those must be teeth marks.” Turns out Dave’s crazy (and I mean PSYCHO) cat Benny had totally attacked my shoes and I didn’t notice the puncture marks.

  3. so sorry to hear you hurt your foot Chris –
    and the itty bitty teetk marks are just the way of May sending along a bit of her love.

  4. Sorry to hear about your foot! Foot, ankle, hand, wrist sprains/strains are not fun–it’s so hard to function without using them. I hope it heals soon. I find icing unpleasant but very helpful.

    Puncture wounds add character to a book.

  5. I hope your foot heals quickly for your sake and for your coworkers. But hey, I’ve been crabby and I don’t have a bad foot as an excuse. πŸ˜‰

  6. Ouch… the foot is needed for every damn thing we do… a la walk!! So sorry to hear about that… If I were your co worker… my retreat would be to offer you chocolate!!
    And love Mayhem’s pics! I bet she is thinking… this should be catnip!! Then she would have more fun!!!
    Hope you have a better tomorrow!!! And hope the foot heals! Evalvation is key – not a very good speller! LOL!

  7. Ooh, all these contests. I just can’t keep up. I’ll watch everyone else win and be happy for them. Hooray for you!!

    Aren’t kitty puncture wounds the best? Sometimes I let Kami gnaw a Thank You card just so the Thankee knows that she approved.

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