Linkity’s guide to yet more gift guides

Congrats to Nancy, who won Blood in the Water (An Act of Piracy #1) (2nd ed) by Tami Veldura! Tami is releasing Blood in the Water today.

Congrats to Kate, who won Holding the Edge (Cold War #2) by Keira Andrews!


Think, Do, Learn, Make

Even MORE Gift Guides


Gluten Free



Cool or Wha…?



Teh Cute

Reading Update
The Magicians (The Magicians #1) by Lev Grossman. DNF at 65-70%. Pretentious. Feels like Harry Potter and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe crossover fanfic. I hate everyone in the book and can’t be bothered to pick it up again.

“No, no, nothing’s wrong. Why do you ask?” -Mayhem, whose superpower is looking pathetic – she makes the vet feel guilty for just entering the exam room!

5 thoughts on “Linkity’s guide to yet more gift guides”

  1. Just yesterday a colleague was complaining that there were no City Manager action figures. I may have to get her one of these make your own. And Neil Gaiman doing Christmas Carol? Yes.

  2. That short film about the houses is wonderful! The dog kennel!!

    But, pocket gnomes??? Do people really go around with gnomes in their pockets now? Lol.

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