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Make sure you enter the contest for The Working Elf Blues by Piper Vaughn! Closes 7 pm CST, December 16.

Stop by and enter the contest for Blood in the Water (An Act of Piracy #1) by Tami Veldura! Closes 7 pm CST, December 18.

Congrats to Missy1980, who won When Love Flue In (2nd ed) by Lillian Francis! When Love Flue In (2nd ed) is being released today by Totally Bound.


I’m ready for some nice quiet weeks! While I am feeling much better, this week’s drama was Chaos rubbing his face so hard he scraped his cornea again – second time this year and third time ever. 🙁 Because he kept messing with it and making it worse, he ended up in The Cone of Shame.

The hard plastic cone didn’t go very well – he spent a lot of time walking backwards after running into things and getting stopped in his tracks. If he’d had it on more than a few hours, I would’ve had to repaint the lower two feet of my condo. Fortunately Jeanne stopped over with a soft cone – much better.

He’s feeling pretty sorry for himself, especially because I put ointment in his eye four times each day… Mayhem is completely unfazed by his bizarre accoutrement.

I got tagged for the Tumblr Lockscreen Challenge.


Think, Make, Do, Learn

More Gift Guides Than You’ll Ever Need


Gluten Free



Cool or Wha…?



Teh Cute

Reading Update
Property of a Lady Faire (Secret Histories #8) by Simon R Green. Ok continuation of this series about supernatural enforcer Edwin Drood and his complicated relationship with his extremely large and secretive family. The next book in the series doesn’t come out until sometime in 2015, by which point I won’t remember anything in the ongoing story arc. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Linkity’s guide to gift guides”

  1. OK, the Gerber Baby cake did it for me. Have you noticed that discussion of the mumps epidemic in the NHL never mentions the possibility of sterility, even when the news talks about “what mumps is” – these are young men in the prime of life. Is is too embarrassing to use the word testicle? Lady parts are ok to discuss, of course.
    And did you see that the award winning Strib cookie this year is gluten-free? Thanks for a fun morning.

  2. Poor Chaos! I’m glad the soft cone which looks like a circular cape keeps him from rubbing his face/eye. Is he good about you putting the ointment in his eye i.e. not scratching or biting you?

  3. Oh, dear! I remember those things, have two kitties myself. The collars are never fun, not for them, not for me 🙁
    But at least he looks like a …um Queen. Elizabeth I =)

  4. Oh, poor Chaos! I hope his eye heals quickly and that you three have no more health dramas for a long, long time!

    And thanks for the links!

  5. Chris- POOR boy! Have you seen these little inflatable donuts that go around their necks? Much more comfortable and they can maneuver.

    Healing thoughts sent your way.

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