Oh crap, I have to come up with yet another linkity title

Congrats to Seanna Lea, who won Acceleration (Impulse #2) by Amelia C. Gormley! Amelia is releasing Acceleration today.

Congrats to Shelley, who won When Love Flue In by Lillian Francis! When Love Flue In will be released by Silver Publishing on December 1.

Congrats to Lori S, who won Eight Days by Cardeno C! Eight Days will be released on December 1 by Dreamspinner Press as part of their 2012 Advent Calendar collection.

Congrats to Stacia H, who won Snowbound in Nowhere by Andrew Grey! Snowbound in Nowhere will also be released on December 1 by Dreamspinner Press as part of their 2012 Advent Calendar collection.

Congrats to Judi P, who won An Isolated Range (Stories from the Range #5) by Andrew Grey! An Isolated Range will be released on December 3 by Dreamspinner Press.

Congrats to Josieb1 and Marie A, who won the Oh, Come All Ye Kinky anthology, courtesy of  Kim Dare and Ava March! O Come All Ye Kinky will be released by Riptide Publishing on December 3.




Learn, Think, Do, Make




Cool or Wha…?



  • If I had Christmas lights, I’m sure I’d be taking May to the vet to have them removed from her stomach…

Teh Cute

Reading Update
Of course there were hockey fics. Onward! 🙂
Counterpoint (Song of the Fallen #1) by Rachel Haimowitz. ebook. Very good m/m fantasy romance about an elf who’s captured by humans while trying to protect his sister, then becomes the favored prisoner of the area’s regent. I started reading this nearly two years ago, soon after it was released. Then I learned that the book ended in an evil cliffhanger, so I stopped reading until the sequel came out  (if I’d reached that cliffhanger, I would have been too pissed to ever read the sequel).
Crescendo (Song of the Fallen #1) by Rachel Haimowitz. ebook. Very good m/m fantasy romance picking right up where the first book left off, as a human prince-regent and his elven lover-slave try to find their way through deceit and betrayal and perhaps save both their races.
In the Dark (PsyCop #6.1) by Jordan Castillo Price. ebook short. Good short m/m paranormal romance in which Vic and Jacob go to a fancy Halloween party thrown by one of Jacob’s exes.
Jock Straps on Sale (PsyCop Flash Fic) by Jordan Castillo Price. free online short. Ok ultrashort fic about Vic stopping at Crash’s store.
Black Box (Turbulence #5) by Jordan Castillo Price. ebook short. Good installment of this serial, with several flashbacks to Marlin, the pilot who killed himself at the beginning of the story.
Khyber Run by Amber Green. ebook. Pretty good m/m suspense about an Afghan-American Navy corpsmen who’s roped into helping a group of Marines track down a deserter without knowing the full story. Having just read the blurb, it makes some things clear that weren’t really clear from reading the story, but would definitely have been good to know when reading…
Fontana by Joshua Martino. ebook. Ok novel told from the first person POV of an alcoholic sportswriter who tries to save his career by outting a record-breaking major league baseball player. In Steve Kluger’s hands, this could’ve been a great story.
Stranger in Translation by Charles Raines. ebook. So-so stream-of-consciousness story of a Englishman living in Marseilles, translating a novel into French and becoming intrigued by a stranger who persists in chattering away when he’s trying to enjoy the quiet of a cemetery.
Lord & Master by HC Brown. ebook. Not sure there’s a likeable character in this kinky m/m historical “romance”. Between the characters and the intermittently overwrought and clumsy writing, this wasn’t for me. DNF.

“Not only can I read your minds, I can control your thoughts!” -Chaos

Nothing much new to report from ’round here. May’s still staying in my bedroom overnight and when I’m gone for any length of time, since Chaos keeps hissing (and occasionally growling) at her. Of course, now May’s asleep on the ottoman and Chaos is in the chair looking baleful but not hissing…

15 thoughts on “Oh crap, I have to come up with yet another linkity title”

  1. Chris, I have spent an hour looking at the Smart Bitches gift guides and I want it all! Ugh, my etsy wish list is now immense, but I can’t ask for any of it for Christmas since none of my family is good at online shopping!

  2. OMG – Linkity is positively Linktastic!

    So. Many. Things.

    Oldest now wants the TARDIS mini fridge and the One Ring scarf and youngest wants many mini Jayne hats knitted for his favorite Lego guys. He’s also cheerfully singing the Dumb Ways to Die song.
    A recent post from Bronwyn Green..Worst. Mama. Ever.My Profile

  3. Love the bookshelf quilt! I sent the link to the rest of the Friends of the Library here; we are starting on a fund-raising campaign for a new library, and that would be a great thing to raffle off. Just need someone to actually make it 😉

    I sent the link to the One Ring scarf to Elder Son (LoTR nerd) with a note that this is NOT what he is getting for Christmas.
    A recent post from kmkat..Let’s start December with linkies.My Profile

  4. I love Simon’s Cat. That is all.

    Well… maybe not all. That LEGO Star Wars pic reminds me of some news I have to share…

    Also, it probably would have helped if I’d read this before finishing NaNo. Too bad I was having Google Reader issues. 🙁
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