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Congrats to Jennifer, who won Packing Leather (Sun, Sea & Submission #1) by Kim Dare! (I never heard back from the original winner, so…)

Congrats to Maya, who won Ashton and Justice by Stephani Hecht! Ashton and Justice will be released by Amber Allure on August 7.




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Reading Update
His Faithful Servant (Knight Errant #2) by KD Sarge. ebook. Excellent m/m scifi romance continuing the story of Taro and Rafe as they leave Taro’s sister’s ship in order to make their own way. While Knight Errant was told from Taro’s point-of-view, this one’s told from Rafe’s… and he’s not quite as focused as Taro. 🙂
Gathering Storm by Lyn Gala. ebook. Excellent kinky m/m romance about the submissive son of a wealthy man who’s been fascinated by one of his instructors since he was in military school several years before. But in his insecurity and neediness after not getting what he wants, he makes a very poor decision… that could cost him his life.
Swept Away by Sloan Parker. free ebook short. Excellent free short m/m romance about lawyer, part of a couple who’ve celebrated their anniversary the same way for 15 years, who’s dreading this year’s anniversary celebration.
Surrender by K. Piet. ebook short. Very good kinky m/m short about a Dom who finds himself very drawn to another Dom doing a public scene at a club party… and then finds his core assumptions about himself challenged. If you’ve ever been annoyed by a smug Dom story, you’ll appreciate this chance to see a smug Dom shaken to his core. 🙂
Blind Items by Kate McMurray. ebook. Very good m/m romance about a liberal gay journalist who finds himself attracted to and then involved with the deeply closeted son of an ultra-conservative, anti-gay Senator running for President. Since he’s not willing to go back into the closet and the Senator’s son is too terrified to come out… The only thing I didn’t like about this one was the somewhat abrupt ending, although I appreciated that there wasn’t an epilogue. Perhaps a sequel? 🙂
Wanting by Piper Vaughn. free ebook short. Very good free short m/m romance about college student Laurie who’s taken by surprise when his best friend’s younger (18-year old) brother informs him that he wants Laurie to take his virginity.
Hourglass by Jane Davitt. ebook. Very good m/m romance about a Hollywood producer whose 11-year old daughter falls in love with his tv series Hourglass, which only lasted two seasons, ten years ago. Under pressure, he agrees to make a follow-up movie, then has to get the estranged stars to agree to be in it… and hope that they’ll get over hating each other and recapture some of their previous chemistry.
Prise de Fer by AR Moler. ebook short. Very good short m/m paranormal romance about a chemistry professor who’s attracted to one of his former students, with no clue that the student is a werewolf. And there’s fencing in this story, which was a fun flashback.
Hanging Loose by Lou Harper. ebook. Good m/m romance about a straight guy from the Midwest who moves to LA after college to escape winter. When he ends up stranded overnight at Venice Beach, a friendly surfer gives him a place to sleep for the night and changes his life.
Appearing Knightly by JM Cartwright. free ebook short. Fun short free m/m story about Batman rescuing a naked guy and being strangely excited by him…
Packing Leather (Sun, Sea & Submission #1) by Kim Dare. ebook short. Good kinky short m/m romance about a guy who wins a weekend away at an exclusive resort and invites his office mate to join him.
Modeling Death (Hidden Magic #2) by Amber Kell. ebook. Good paranormal m/m romance about a centuries-old wizard who runs into a model at a club and realizes the model is his fated mate. Too bad someone’s out there, killing models…
Hitting It Big by Shawn Lane. ebook short. Good short m/m romance about Billy, whose brother drags him to a party celebrating his brother’s friend Mitch winning the lottery… Mitch, the guy to whom Billy lost his virginity to years ago in a one night stand. I had a couple of niggles about this one.
CatNap (Middlemarch Mates #8) by Shelley Munro. ebook. Good paranormal m/m romance about an amnesiac tiger shifter who’s rescued by two other tiger shifters (brother and sister) and becomes part of their family. But what if his bloody, fragmented dreams are actual memories?
Del Fantasma: Toasted Almond by Sharon Maria Bidwell. ebook short. Ok short paranormal m/m romance about a guy who always feels cold arriving at the bar Del Fantasma and running into a guy who suddenly makes him feel warm. I found the writing frustratingly dense.

“Why do you say I have anime eyes, Mom? I have Mayhem eyes!!” -Mayhem

25 thoughts on “Limber linkity learns better”

  1. Those tiny worlds are so beautiful! I wonder where you can get those?

    I won a copy of Blind Items but haven’t gotten around to reading it yet because politicians make me nervous. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, though, so I should really read it!

    Mayhem eyes are all the rage right now, May. I’m glad you have them. So adorable!

  2. Interesting facts on the LGBT demographics.

    I bet my Dad would like a set of Whiskey Stones. I’ll keep it in mind for Xmas.

    Loved the Starry Night cake. Pretty and yummy… a great combination!

    That storm photo and the small worlds in a bottle are amazing!

    Loved the cast of HP as Disney characters and the drawing of a tattoed Abe is awesome!

    ROFL at the urinal dress and worst bedhead. The rest are truly wha…????

    LOL on how cats see their home. So true! 🙂

    The only one I’ve read is Hourglass which I really liked. I’ve got a couple of others on my wishlist and thanks for bringing a few more to my attention.

    Hope you have a great weekend!!
    A recent post from Lily..It’s mini time… once againMy Profile

  3. Mom’s exaggerating just a little bit, Miss Mayhem. Anime eyes take up half your face. Either way, yours are lovely. Oh, and Chris? “stifle” was an EXCELLENT word choice.
    A recent post from Marji..wip wednesdayMy Profile

  4. Re: whiskey stones. Have you ever been through the Think Geek website? They have the most awesome things ever. I would go broke in a minute.

  5. Yes Mayhem, you are a unique kitty with beautiful eyes. 😉 *g*

    I’m sad about Kris closing her blog but I get it, really. 🙁 Interesting post about females writing m/m drama.

    Cool – Legos in space – love it!!

    I like the bike book stand but it doesn’t hold enough books! lol

    Congratulations to the winners!!

    Thanks for another great Linkety Chris!

    A recent post from Lea..Come Join Tori & I for a Giveaway over at the Island!My Profile

  6. Oh I want a treehouse office too!

    Love the storm photo.

    Just where does one wear a urinal dress? 😉

    May, you do have anime eyes that just happen to be Mayhem eyes also.

  7. I want to work in a treehouse too 🙂 And the talking bananas – LOL!

    As for the book banning… *heads desk*

    Ohhh, great reading week. I definitely want to read Gathering Storm!

    May – you have beautiful eyes 🙂
    A recent post from orannia..FoundationMy Profile

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