Linkity for the snowy first week of spring

Congrats to Nikyta, who won Looking for Adventure by Valentina Heart!

Congrats to Sandy Jay, who won Wrong Number, Right Guy by Mia Watts! Wrong Number, Right Guy will be released by Amber Allure on March 27.




Make, Think, Do, Learn, Help






Teh Cute

Reading Update
The Morning Star (Shadow of the Templar, Book 1) by M. Chandler. ebook. Very good m/m romantic suspense, heavier on the suspense than the romance, about an FBI agent and an elusive jewel thief. I’ve definitely read books that cost a lot more than this ($0.95) that weren’t anywhere near as good! Also, make yourself a post-it to keep track of the team’s names and codenames – thanks for the tip, Kassa!
Double Down (Shadow of the Templar, Book 2) by M. Chandler. ebook. Very good m/m romantic suspense about a jewel thief who’s hired by the FBI to help solve a string of industrial prototype heists by someone with a style eerily similar to his…
With a Bullet (Shadow of the Templar, Book 3) by M. Chandler. ebook. Excellent m/m romantic suspense in which an old enemy gets out of jail and comes after the team. Each book in this series is a bit longer… I stayed up until 2:30 am because I had to finish this one.
High Fidelity (Shadow of the Templar, Book 4) by M. Chandler. ebook. Excellent m/m romantic suspense in which our FBI agent ends up in his jewel thief’s world for a while. I cried an awful lot near the end, even though I was pretty sure it would turn out ok, and stayed up to late because I absolutely had to finish. While I had a complete immersion experience in this series and it just really worked for me, that’s not the case for everyone – check out the discussion on Kassa’s Goodreads review of The Morning Star for another perspective.
Assorted Shadow of the Templar free fiction that fits before, during, and after the four main books.
With Abandon (With or Without, Book 4) by J.L. Langley. ebook. Pretty good, yet somewhat disappointing paranormal m/m romance about a closeted alpha werewolf who’s convinced himself that he can secretly enjoy his male mate for a few years, then let him go with no one the wiser. I never warmed to the alpha… and there was a stalker, which is what, the second or third in this series already?! Definitely time to find something else to add external tension.
The Boy Next Door by Kate McMurray. ebook. Good m/m romance about a designer who moves from NYC back to his small Connecticut hometown to keep an eye on his mom after his dad dies. He discovers that the house he just bought is next door to the guy he had a crush on in high school, who’s now divorced with a six-year old daughter.
Two-Man Advantage (Seattle Marauders, Book 1) by Riley Shane. ebook. Ok m/m romance about a guy who gets dumped via text message as he’s supposed to be heading off on a romantic weekend getaway with his boyfriend. Going on his own, he discovers there’s a naked man asleep in the bed in his cabin. This story suffers from insta-love, and perhaps got some of its inspiration from Ethan Day’s Sno Ho

“…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…” -Chaos

31 thoughts on “Linkity for the snowy first week of spring”

  1. So last night my husband tells me Japan is sending back all donations because they don’t need them…hah, I say. And those gloves are soooo creepy I keep going back to look at them. It’s a good thing I can’t really buy them.
    A recent post from Mary Lou..Japan Earthquake ReliefMy Profile

  2. You know, that Elder God knitting link goes to a page that at first makes me think “She is wasting her time knitting this weird stuff.” And then I went to her Tumblr blog and saw that nearly all the pieces were knit on commission. PEOPLE SPECIFICALLY ASKED HER FOR THAT STUFF. Wow. Good for her!

  3. Do you think we added bacon and coffee to the Betty Crocker Devils Food GF mix it would it would taste as good?
    Chaos, I’ve been up since 4:00am. It’s cruel of you to sleep in front of me.
    A recent post from margene..GrowingMy Profile

  4. I’m surprised that movie popcorn has that few calories, I would have said at least two big mac’s worth.

    Oh Chaos, I’m so with you on that today.

    We are supposed to get 5 inches of snow in St. Louis tonight.

  5. Aw, I absolutely love Shadow of the Templar novels. The author has the “missing scenes” as well as other short stories with Simon and Jeremy on her site. Don’t miss that! And thanks for another batch of useful and hilarious links.

  6. Have you read any of Ms. Hocking’s books? I noticed that Ms. Sheep was just finishing one of her series.

  7. I think I’m going to join Chaos in the zzzzzzz-ing because it’s past midnight here… not because your linkity tired me out or something. 🙂
    That Shadow of the Templar series sounds like something I need to check out.
    A recent post from Janna..Happy Gay FridayMy Profile

  8. Oh, I love the Onion! Almost as much as I love those hats!

    “Microsoft Word Now Includes Squiggly Blue Line To Alert Writer When Word Is Too Advanced For Mainstream Audience.”

    I like this. It is a good idea. Don’t you think it is a good idea? I do.

    It would also be a good idea if MS Word alerted writers to Elements of a Story That Will Make It Get Bad Reviews. Maybe flashing red strike-throughs? 😀
    A recent post from K. Z. Snow..If I could have a monster all my ownMy Profile

  9. The books carved to look like their authors is just kinda…weird. You know, having a face stare at you as you’re reading? Just…weird.

    I started The Morning Star (cause I’m so suggestable) and love the author’s voice. I’m usually not a suspense gal when it comes to books, but I love movies that are like the book, so I’m totally diggin it.

    And damn, I missed talk like Shatner day! Love him! And before anyone mocks, admit it – you can’t help but love Shatner 😉
    A recent post from Ava March..Keyword FunMy Profile

  10. Yum, Nutella pancakes! And the clementine tea light is very clever. I’ll remember that when I’m stuck out in the woods with just clementines and matches, and olive oil. 😉
    A recent post from Lorette..Ten on TuesdayMy Profile

  11. Just now getting to linkity! I’m super sad about missing world nutella day… I wonder if we could have some kind of re-do…. Maybe establish Bloggers Nutella day.. I REALLY like Nutella

  12. Thanks for all the mentions. I really must get to the post office and buy some stamps! We used to be able to get postcards of the stamps but I’m not sure we can get them any more 🙂

    I’m intrigued by the chocolate and bacon combo in a cupcake…
    A recent post from mrspao..Book 28- Mister Pip by Lloyd JonesMy Profile

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