Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 25th (Wind-in-Hair Guy)

Congrats to Ava March, who won the copy of Lights and Sirens by Stephani Hecht, which was released today!

Many thanks to author Clare London, who found at least a third of these covers! (If you keep an eye on the authors on these covers, you’ll figure out why she was so interested…)

Meet Wind-in-Hair Guy (WiHG), who was a victim of

, which left him with a bad case of

. Hearing rumors of a cure, Wind-in-Hair Guy tried

to see if her fabled

could save him. Instead, it consumed him with

, so he fled to the

, where he was forced to participate in numerous


in an attempt to quell his

. Then

, believing that

, there’s fire, tracked down Wind-in-Hair Guy and

him to make him


*blink blink* Yeah, I’m always surprised where these little stories end up, too.

“Yes, Mom, I see the black kitty. And I see the brown kitty. Why aren’t the kitties the focal point here?!? Hmph. Everyone like kitties better than they like naughty boys.” -Mayhem

40 thoughts on “Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 25th (Wind-in-Hair Guy)”

  1. I’m with Seanna Lea. I like the other cover models that you stalk much better. He seems to be a bit “puffed up” in some of these pics.

    May, we all like kitties, but we like them in a different way. We need both kitties and naughty boys to survive.
    .-= Eyre´s last blog ..Recent Reads =-.

  2. Congrats Ava!

    Seanna Lea – LOL! And yes, he is very puffed. I prefer Wind-in-his-Hair from Dances with Wolves *grin*

    Chris – where your stories end up is truly fascinating 🙂

    Yes May, we all like kitties, but I’m with Eyre – we need both kitties and boys. See, when you’re sleeping in the sun we need to be kept occupied…
    .-= orannia´s last blog ..Rainy Days And Mondays… =-.

  3. LOL. Well, I’m totally biased because I love him on *my* cover :):). He’s perfect for my hero, Maen, strong, sexy and loyal soldier that he is.

    But I spotted the model somewhere else…then somewhere else again…then it became obsessive. I had to hand over to the expert – Chris – before it consumed me :).

  4. Too funny, Chris! Wind-in-the-Hair guy really gets around. Plus, along with the hair, he’s got this really distinctive pouty scowl. I think the whole thing is making Mayhem kind of peeved. Look at her with her ears going back, ha, ha!
    .-= Val Kovalin´s last blog ..Another deadline rolls in … =-.

  5. I can see why Clare likes him! Although he’s a little pouty for my taste.

    Maybe you should do a misadventures in stock photography with kitties, to appease Mayhem, of course.

  6. I also believe the wind is doing more than blowing his hair around – he looks a little over-inflated, no?

  7. Maybe he’s pouting because of the chronic bloating?

    But, I’ve seen worse guys on covers.

    I love seeing where the stories end up…there’s usually a lot of blinking involved for me, too. 😉

  8. well, I like him better than the blond version of him that is on almost every Ellora’s Cave cover.. or maybe it’s a tie… not sure. Does anyone have a name for the blond guy?


  9. Wind-in-hair-guy seems to be a lot more boring than his blonde tresses may allow… maybe he needs to shave himself bald and pout–perhaps that will spice up his cover life…

  10. I’m impressed that Wind-in-Hair-Guy is recognizable even when the top half of his head is chopped off. Good eye! And good face, with that little five-o’clock shadow of a mustache almost-poutiness that makes him so memorable.

  11. I couldn’t get past his abnormally large neck muscles. I noticed that one of the covers seems to have airbrushed them out, but at first, I thought that his head was photoshopped onto a much more buff bod. But nope, he’s just a guy with a little head and HUGE neck muscles. Unfortunate.

    Happy Late Birthday, May:)
    .-= Melanie´s last blog ..Homesick =-.

  12. I think May has a point, but sadly the kitty cover models seem to be more discerning with how often they let their likenesses be used. Since there aren’t as many kitties on book covers, what can you do but use photos of the naughty boys?
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..June Is Busting Out All Over! =-.

  13. Wind swept and interesting. I always remember being at a Billy Connelly show and him saying something about wishing to be windswept and interesting. LOL 🙂
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..Shorts. =-.

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