In which Chaos goes to the vet

So what are the major differences between Shelfari, GoodReads, and LibraryThing? I have accounts on all of them, but if I’m going to do a “book thing” like that, I need to pick just one.

This lolcat pic gets me giggling every time. This one leaves me feeling vaguely guilty, even though I’ve never tried washing either cat. Of course, since I took Chaos to the vet last night for his shots… (Click the picture below for a close-up of feline suspicion.)

“Hmm… Mom is acting awfully weird. Something’s up.” -Chaos

His suspicions were confirmed when I put on his collar.

“No good can come of this collar business. I’ll just tell you right now that I don’t approve of whatever you have in mind, Mom.” -Chaos

“Woe! I thought this was a kitty bed!” -Chaos

Chaos’s distressed caterwauling attracted the attention of PJ, the new counter kitten at the vet – he had to hop down and see what was wrong. Chaos growled at him for his troubles… but I don’t think PJ’s holding a grudge (in fact, I’m not sure PJ has more than two or three brain cells, but he sure is cute!).

“I knew no good could come of her putting that collar on me. Sometimes it sucks to always be right.” -Chaos

“Vengeance WILL be mine. Remember that, Mom.” -Chaos