Monster Mayhem!

Think happy lucky upgrade thoughts my way tonight and over the weekend – after days of backing up and otherwise prepping Kenshin (my main laptop), I’ll be upgrading from Vista to Windows 7. (If interested, you can read a few of my thoughts on Vista from last year, plus pick up a tasty gf snickerdoodle recipe at the same time.)

Moonsanity has links to several H. P. Lovecraft stories. Let’s just say that the only time in my life that I’ve slept with the light on was after reading H. P. Lovecraft…

Head over to Fang-tastic Books for your chance to win a really cool prize pack containing the Blood Ties dvds, books, and a Fang-tastic Books tote bag. Winner will be announced on the morning of October 31.

If you’re looking for classic horror films to watch over the weekend, you might find some at Classic Cinema Online, which is a free streaming service.

Cool – turn pumpkins into black kitties!

Hmm. Not sure I’d live through trying this at home

Given the chance, Chaos would so do this

Aw, the softer side of Basement Cat.

Hmm. Did I already link to teh ebil veggee?

Today I am a Monster Princess! Boo!” -Mayhem

Have a happy and safe Halloween, everyone!