Another bib bites the dust

KmKat wonders what office buzz words bug you the most. Leave a comment by midnight CDT, April 17 (the same time taxes are due in MN!) and you could win a mysterious prize – not necessarily yarn.

Reading Update
Bloody Mary and Rusty Nail. I think these are the last two Lt. Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels mysteries I’ll read. I like the writing, I like the main characters, but I really hate the ongoing theme of serial killers.
Blind Spot by Terri Persons. Of course, after just whining about serial killer books, I read this one, although I skipped over a few gruesome bits… This well-written and suspenseful novel is about an FBI agent who has “the Sight.” She’s just been reassigned to the St. Paul office, which made this particularly intriguing to read. I hope this becomes a series!
Web of Evil by J.A. Jance. The second book about Arizona blogger Ali Reynolds finds her back in Los Angeles for her divorce hearing when things get a little complicated…
Blindfold Game by Dana Stabenow. I love both Stabenow’s Kate Shugak and Liam Campbell series, so I gave this non-series thriller a try and enjoyed the read. It features a CIA agent and his wife (an XO in the Coast Guard, stationed in the Bering Strait).
Plum Lovin’ by Janet Evanovich. This is billed as a “Between the Numbers Novel” and features Diesel, a vaguely supernatural character introduced in Visions of Sugar Plums. Definitely not as enjoyable as the “regular” Stephanie Plum series, since Ranger and Morelli only had bit parts. Mmmmm…. Ranger….. Ooops, sorry, didn’t mean to drool on anyone. Moving right along…
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off: The Yarn Harlot’s Guide to the Land of Knitting by Stephanie Pearl McPhee. Do I really need to say more?! 🙂 It’s a funny, quick read – and anyone who knits will find a point or two that hits too close to home to be entirely funny….
The Opinionated Knitter: Newsletters 1958-1968 by Elizabeth Zimmermann. This compilation of EZ’s pre-book newsletters was an enjoyable read for this EZ fan. I loved the little snippets at the end of each newsletter, announcing new products that she was selling (such as Barbara Walker’s first treasury!). This was one of my TBR Challenge books.

Knitting Update
Friday night I knit the second of the two bibs I needed. How amusing is it that I knit both of these with a US4 instead of a US6 (just grabbed the loose needle in my knitting bag because I knew it was a US6) and my only thought was that they seemed a bit smaller than usual?! The smaller needle is probably why the colors didn’t form their customary argyle patterning.

Chaos was very alarmed at the sight of May in this bib – note his poofy tail.

“Who are you and why are you wearing that abomination?!” -C

“Maybe if I bite it, it will leave me alone.” -M

“So much for that idea…” -M

I took pity on May, removed the bib, and caught Chaos enticed Chaos to model for old time’s sake.

“I have the strangest sense of deja vu…” -C

“Easily remedied, however. THIS is how it’s done, May.” -C

“Hmph. Did the big kitty have to make it look so easy?!” -M

39 thoughts on “Another bib bites the dust”

  1. Chaos, how soon you forget. Did you think May was going to be the new official bib model?!

    May does look thoroughly disgusted in that last picture!

  2. So what if it was a size 4 needle. Call it a newborn drool bib and be happy!

    Chaos is really good at escaping, um, bib removal…Lots of practice.

  3. Ha! I love that first shot, May’s pretty kitty face and her cute little feet! She looks like she’s busy posing for you (whereas you’re actually photographing Chaos at that moment).

  4. Heh, nice last pic of May with the ‘Hrrmph, well then.’ look on her face. Good thing – can’t let Chaos forget how it felt to be bibbed so soon, can we?

  5. I like the striping on this bib!

    Poor May! How humiliating to the teenager to see first hand that she doesn’t know everything. I hope she noted carefully Chaos’ technique. It looked like you had to be quick to snap the photo!

  6. Your poor dear cats, I’ll bet they hide under the sofa whenever you say the word “bib”. I’ll bet Chaos and May are big advocates for birth control.

  7. HOw you get them to wear those bibs w/o tearing them apart is amazing to me!!

    And you are right, MMMMM, Ranger. There was a rumor they were going to make the series into a movie. They thru out some names of who would play the characters, my favorite was Queen Latifa as Lula!

  8. May looked a little like a super hero with the bib sliding back like that. Super Kitty is on the prowl! Mousey villians everywhere, beware!

  9. First, I have to say that when I come to your blog (which is every time you post…I should leave more comments) the first thing I do is scroll down to the bottom of the post to see what May and Chaos are into…LOL…it never fails to give me a smile and a laugh…I love it! I just wanted to say thank you for that…its a good thing to give someone a smile. 🙂

    Ever think of putting together a picture book or story of “The Adventures of Chaos and Mayhem”? Just a thought…bet it would be hilarious! Susan’s comment about May looking like a super hero made me think of that…lol

    Second reason for posting today…I have a friend that is having twins and would like to make her several sets of bibs…do you have a pattern for your bib? or do you know where I could find one? Goggled it and I keep coming up with crocheted ones…which I don’t like…I know how to crochet but would prefer to knit them…any ideas would be of help…thank you!

  10. Oh I’ve so missed my kitty pictures daily fix!

    I love the bib pictures, the cats always have the best expressions when they are in bibs.

    And the previous self-portrait picture was really awesome!

  11. LOL at May and Chaos! Something tells me that Chaos suddenly realized how he looks with a bib on. 🙂

    The Opinionated Knitter is on my list of books I want to read.

  12. I love the pictures! It’s funny, though, how some cats are able to get out of anything, and others can’t claw their way out of a paper sack. Your two are adorable.

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