The switch upgrade continues on… *yawn*

Sonja is having a contest to tell her the most creative story about why the Mona Lisa in Lion Brand’s ads is smiling. You have plenty of time to leave her a comment – she’s not selecting the winner until October 1.

Hopefully I’ll make it to the Twin Cities’ Knitters picnic this Sunday. Anyone else going? Here are the details:

The Twin Cities’ Knitters picnic: Sunday August 27, 2006, from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm at the Lake Harriet Rose Gardens in Minneapolis (4125 East Lake Harriet Parkway). “Bring your blanket, your picnic lunch and – of course – your knitting! We’ll meet under the trees behind the Rose Gardens (closer to Kings Highway than Lake Harriet). Visit the Minneapolis Park & Rec Board Rose Garden page for more information and a map to the location.”

Look what I made (Sugar’n’Cream patio pinks, top down) – really, the parents keep raving about how great these bibs are, so what’s a knitter to do?!

Little does Chaos suspect what excitement awaits him…

“Mmmm… sunbeam…”

32 thoughts on “Bleary”

  1. You’re assuming you’ll be awake and alert enough after the “Satur-Dye” festivities to attend the picninc. You do remember about the dyeing festivities Ms. Busy Schedule Girl?

  2. Hope the upgrade’s done by now! (And you won’t need to go in to work today…). At least you get some quiet knitting time while waiting around…

  3. Love the argyley pooling! Yum.

    Poor Chaos. But more than that: you’re a tease! Want Chaos abuse pictures! Hehehehehehehe.

    Boy you’re gonna have quite the fiberfest weekend, eh? Piiiiiiiiiink. Blaaaaaaaaack. You know you wanna.

  4. Chaos looks especially fetching today – without the bib, please? The bib is so pretty! I’ll just have to try one of them now…DGS #3 has arrived!

  5. So those bibs go over well? I made one for a new baby, but he’s not in bib-phase yet. I have a son, but preferred the over the head bibs, so couldn’t make up my mind whether I would have liked it or not. Glad to know they are appreciated–now I’ll make more for other new parents.

  6. I like all these bibs you keep producing… I don’t think I can get sugar ‘n creme up here though, otherwise I might be tempted, even though I know barely anyone with babies.

  7. Hey Chris- Sounds like Minneapolis is a hip-happening place for knitters- I’d love to check out the picnic!
    And Chaos, what a handsome guy- even from behind.

  8. I really, really, have to give those bibs a try a one of these days, LOL! But I’m think I’m loosing my mind and am thinking of trying to knit a sweater for the next MN trip, in addition to sewing at least two of the three skirts…Yes, mind is definitely lost, LOL!

  9. Chaos, you need to find better help. Really, there has to be a more flattering angle from which your photographer could capture the Junk In Your Trunk…

  10. What’s a knitter to do, but make more of them? 🙂 I really should buckle down and make a few for my nephew. Hmm, that sounds like a plan. Hope your switch upgrade ends soon. What type of switch?

  11. The next time you put a bib on Chaos, I think you should do it backwards, with the button in the front so it looks like a cape :o)

    I hope you are fast asleep right now.

  12. Your Knitter’s picnic sounds wonderful! I wish we could organize one of those around here ;o) There is a free symphony near us on Saturday night though, you reminded me of it, Thanks!

    Those bibs are tempting – but all the babies in my family have grown up so quickly – I can’t believe it!

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