Eye Candy Friday with Self-Portrait

…click on the picture to get the full effect…

While Chaos’ eyes are as green as eyes can possibly be (as seen in my blog header), May’s eyes are green in the center and gold on the edges. That’s harder to capture in a photo than you might imagine.

71 thoughts on “Eye Candy Friday with Self-Portrait”

  1. Is there a Webby for best snapshot on a blog? ‘Cuz this photo would win it, hands down. The commenters nailed it, too, with the references to M.C. Escher and Hitchcock.

    Don’t you work in a computer/techie/totally left brain kind of field? Who knew that a person talented like that could be so creative and artistic, too? Although the daily captioned Chaos and Mayhem shots do sort of give you away…

  2. pretty girl! good thing you’ve got the size differential… hardly anyone can tell the difference between my two, though I think they’re SO different… only to the eyes of the mother, huh?

  3. Oh!!!! Look at all the cool pics of Chaos and Mayhem I missed this week! I love the bib pictures of May (guess Chaos learned his lesson), and this one of Chaos’ eye is pretty nifty too.

  4. Cool picture! Katie goes and hides if I just mention the word photo. Katie’s eyes are like Mays, green in the center and gold toward the edges.

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