You may have had some difficulty connecting to my blog over the past several days. My blog hosting provider has had a very rough few days. Please keep your fingers crossed that everything is back to normal and thanks for hanging in there.

We went up to the cabin Saturday morning and my brother immediately finished hooking up the toilet, giving us complete indoor plumbling facilities!! (Pause for a moment to consider what using the biff on a humid 96F day would be like – see why we were excited?) We then got the air conditioner installed – ahhhh… My brother and I worked on stuff outside, taking many frequent indoor water breaks. My sister-in-law was supposed to be taking it easy inside, but she managed to get most of the cabin decorated and vacuumed. Not surprisingly, she was a bit tired and sore on Sunday when we headed back to the Twin Cities around noon. But she’s doing great! 🙂

I am spectacularly behind on bloglines again – I usually catch up on the weekend, but going to the cabin prevented that. Sooner or later I’ll get caught up!

Knittymama is having a contest – tell her your biggest “I can’t believe I did that” knitting story in her comments and you could win two skeins of plum Misti Alpaca laceweight! The contest deadline has been extended to Friday, July 21.

SRP Update

Please Do Feed the Cat by Marian Babson, 192 pages. A cozy little English village mystery set in “Brimful Coffers,” where many mystery writers live and discover mysteries in their midst.

A Handful of Coppers by Charles de Lint, 332 pages. This is a collection of de Lint’s very earliest work and is a bit heavier on the sword and sorcery than I generally enjoy. I would not recommend this unless you are a diehard de Lint fan or unless you are interested in a few of the stories that combine Arthurian legend with some bits of the Mabinogen.

No Good Deeds by Laura Lippman, 343 pages. Chicago has V.I., Santa Teresa\Barbara has Kinsey, and Baltimore has Tess Monaghan. The latest Tess Monaghan novel is another enjoyable, suspenseful read.

That brings me up to 22 fiction books completed, for a total of 6809 pages since the beginning of July. Still eight fiction and two non-fiction to read by the beginning of September.


I finished knitting my bag for the Knit Sock Kit Swap. Whew! I still have a few ends to weave in and then I should probably line it. But no pictures of it until it’s received by my swappee.

I also finished another bib… Really, I don’t have a problem. What makes you think that?! Tell me if you could resist not only the baby’s parents going on about how great these bibs are, but also the baby’s grandfather?! Yeah, you’d be cranking out bibs, too. Hopefully my friends now have enough bibs to get them through! Although I do have another color I want to knit… Anyway, the most recent bib was knit top down from Sugar’n’Cream, color Jewel – very Project Spectrum!

Apologies to Chaos. I tried one last time to have him model, but it didn’t go so well… At least his fangs didn’t break the skin, right?! Which probably means that I got off easily.

“Run away! Run away!”

33 thoughts on “Tidbibs”

  1. Poor Chaos! LOL! Cats just don’t want to be models somedays. You know, that sounds like some of the diva supermodels out there too. 😉

  2. Wow! That’s a lot of reading! I’m so very, very envious!
    I made a couple bibs! I wouldn’t dare have may cat model them though…there certainly would be skin breakage!

  3. We would never consider your bib-making a problem. If we did then someone might make the bold move of saying that no one really needs 36 pairs of knitting needles (not counting the circulars), 19 sets of dpns, enough sock yarn to outfit a soccer league (yes, league), 11 miles of lace-weight yarn, 4 whole fleeces, and 15 pounds of spinning fiber. Really, who would say you have a problem? Not me, nope, not me.

  4. After all the socks you knit, with those thousands of tiny stitches, you go right ahead and whip up as many garter stitch bibs your heart desires.

    Besides, babies need bibs. It’s just a fact of life. Better a cute, homemade one than a cheap store bought POS.

  5. Glad the cabin trip went better this time. Indoor toilet is a must. The Saturday Sky pics are great. All I can say is poor Chaos!!!

  6. The cabin improvements sound much needed, especially with this weather all over the country! You have so many colours of cotton yarn available there – I can’t believe it! I drive 20 miles out of my way just to get red and white S&C (our local store only carries a few pastel ombres and natural).

    Glad to hear your SIL is feeling so much better 🙂 I definitely will check out Knittymama’s contest!

  7. You know I love your bibs, but poor Chaos! Has he not barfed on one of them yet to prove his point!?

    Hey, glad your SIL is doing better!


  8. Hey Chris- NEVER take indoor plumbing for granted. It’s one of the rules I live by.
    However, having a super deluxe litter box does have it’s advantages- or so Chaos has told me!

  9. Tidbibs! I love it. Bibbibibibibibibibibibibibibibib.

    This one wasn’t as argley but I love it anyway. Did I send you this one? I like the colors a lot knitted up.

  10. I love watching the parade of bibs on Chaos. What a great present for any expecting parent. You only go thru about 5 a day (on a good day).

    The cabin sounds wonderful. Glad your SIL is feeling a bit better.

  11. Poor Chaos! Oh the humiliation. 🙂

    Indoor plumbing is always a reason to be excited, no matter what the weather is. Glad to hear that your SIL is doing better.

  12. Cute bib! You’ll have to bribe him with tuna cakes for future bibs photography. He does look cute in them though 😉

    Indoor plumbing is a very good plan! It sounds like a great cabin.

  13. Love the bib! Where do you find the lovely colors? The only places I can find Sugar (or Peaches) ‘n’ Cream are WalMart and Michaels, and they only have a very few pale shades. I truly believe a bright colorful bib is the only one that won’t show the [fill in the blank] stains produced by most babies.

  14. Hey! I’m having a contest too – post a comment in the 98 degrees post with your high temps for the week and you could win some Mama-E sock yarn! Till Friday midnight. 🙂

  15. It sounds like the weekend was great. And I’ve given in and begun a bib (like I don’t have enough projects going), just because I want to see Simon wearing it!

  16. Indoor plumbing: good! It’s the little things that mean so much and indoor plumbing is in the top 10! I’m such a mom that I was actually worried about you when I didn’t see a new blog entry or comments on mine. I think I kinda accused you of being a bib pusher on my blog yesterday. I’m now addicted too. Hope you are happy with yourself missy!

  17. Can’t wait to see the bag!

    Congrats on being so very productive… I’m impressed, because knowing how hot and steamy it was, it exhausted me to just read about your efforts…

    Bibs are clearly the New Socks. 😀

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