A shocking number of book contests

Don’t forget to leave a comment on the contest post before 7 pm CDT, Monday, August 24, for your chance to win a copy of Rita Herron’s paranormal romance, Dark Hunger!

Congrats to the winners of the So Into You contest: Limedragon, Park Avenue Princess, Catie, CursingMama, and Marie!

I Read Romance is offering the chance to win a Cool*er eBook Reader. (Please note that you will be added to some authors’ mailing lists by entering.)

For your chance to win a copy of The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker, leave a comment with your favorite ghost story at Literary Escapism by midnight, August 25.

If you’d like the chance to win three of Roxanne St. Claire’s romantic suspense novels, leave a comment at Jaci Burton’s blog sharing the title of your favorite romantic suspense novel. Contest closes Friday, so stop back after that to see if you’ve won.

ScifFiGuy’s giving away two copies of John Shirley’s new urban fantasy novel, Bleak House. Leave a comment by midnight, August 24, for your chance to win.

You have many opportunities to win a copy of Julia London’s latest, Summer of Two Wishes: Seductive Musings (closes 11:59 pm EST, August 22), Park Avenue Princess (closes September 9), A Journey of Books (closes midnight EST, August 31), and Book Binge.

Dear Author’s giving away an assortment of Bantam titles – head on over and check out the details.

For your chance to win a copy of Dawn Halliday’s historical romance, Highland Obsession, leave a comment at Yankee Romance Reviews by the end of the week.

Not enough book giveaways for you? Donna (Fantasy Dreamer) has links to more! So does Literary Escapism.

I love it – two librarians rummage around in the stacks at Awful Library Books, including such classics as a title about cats’ sex lives

Could by Mayhem, but not quite

This is an amusing cover for your Kindle or other ebook reader.

Check out the linked picture of how one ebook title looks on an assortment of different screens.

Ah, the joys (not) of ebooks with DRM. This is going to be the same issue I have with my Astak EZReader/Hanlin V3.

“The toy basket totally started it, Mom! I’m sure it’s out to get me!” -Mayhem

24 thoughts on “A shocking number of book contests”

  1. (Whoops, just dropped a crumb on my keyboard, and it fell through…)


    Mayhem, I’m sure the heat contributes as well. Don’t be embarassed about the basket thing – Gandalf rolls around on the table, too close to the edge and falls off pretty regularly. But shhhhh! Don’t let on that you know. He’ll be embarassed.

  2. That library site is hilarious. In a sad kinda way. I have a book on highways of New Jersey that a friend found for me in a discard bin at a library, maybe I’ll scan and send. Although it was being discarded…

  3. DRM sucks. And, yes, I am a software architect/programmer saying this. After all, what happens when you need to reload DRM’d software after you need to reinstall your OS? Not right to say you need to buy the DRM’d software again.

  4. I love your linkity posts…

    I KNOW, contests, contests everywhere – I can’t keep up with it all. lol

    Have a great day Chris..

    I’m buried.


  5. My Cat’s In Love would make a great poster. But then, the 70’s.

    Love the kindle cover!

    Thanks for the link to Bleak History, I haven’t read John Shirley in awhile.

    That cat almost has eyes as big as Mayhem’s! I think the toy basket should be put on a time out for bad behavior.

  6. The library site reminds me of this museum that is at one of the local movie theaters. It is the museum of bad art, and it is hilariously bad. A few items are actually submitted by the artists, who I believe must not be taking themselves too seriously. They are all bad on so many levels!

  7. Thanks for the ereader links, again! I’m hoping the color technology will get less power sucking sometime int he future.

  8. Wow… thanks Chris for alllll the heads up!! Did not realize that so much was going on!!! I hope you had a Great night and have a wonderful tomorrow!

    Mayhem… don’t worry about the basket, put that tiara on and show it whos boss!!!

  9. Some of the Awful Library Books are hysterical! I loved the old book about computers.

    That’s the same look I get from Katie when I take a bath or shower. The “you’re getting wet!” look.

    May I’m sure the toy basket tried to sneak up on you.

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