I’m pretty sure he’s not dead…


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Oh, and we are all fine here – the tornado that hit Minneapolis was a mile or so to the east of us! Yesterday was a very exciting day to work from home, what with the crazy rain, the tornado sirens, and then the flood warnings.

41 thoughts on “I’m pretty sure he’s not dead…”

  1. Thank the Lord you are all alright. I’ve been worring since I heard about the tornado last night. I just had the fun of going out to chase down the Cookie Cat who has decided to be a walk-about kitty right now and is not letting her Daddy catch her. Luckily she was on the next-door neighbor’s front walk and let me catch her fairly easily. Back to the tornado. I told Michael it was close to your house so we worried all night.We just need the rain. So dry. I sure Chaos is playing “dead bug” because of the storm because he was scared! BTW, have you watched “Being Human” on BBCAmerica? It is about a young vampire, werewolf and ghost who rent a house together. It is so very, very good. I am watching every episode at lest twice which is very unusual for me. The little ghost, Annie, is a darling girl, so cheerful and lovely, and the vampire, Mitchell is gorgeous. Even though he’s a werewolf, not a wercat, George is also cute. It’s worth watching. Gotta go. Bye.
    Ann Carpenter, aka Furknitter on Ravelry

  2. Nah he looks too cute to be dead 🙂 My dog has a similar pose.
    I can second Being Human – watched the whole series here in the UK and I’m waiting for the next one ( it’s in production) Series 1 is also available on DVD…and yes Mitchell is gorgeous – he is also in a new BBC series about the pre Raphaelite painters – he plays Rossetti.

  3. Late last night I saw the reports and destruction in your area. Frightening and it’s good to see you’re alright. Is Chaos just being cool about the whole thing?

  4. Glad your alright, situations involving tornadoes, even if you weren’t actually hit, can be scary.

    Now Chaos, that is adorable! Don’t you just love how kittahs take over any spot and make it their nap sack? *g*

  5. Cats are amazing creatures and often look literally “comatosed” when sleeping. My old manx was sleeping out on the porch one day on his back like that and his breathing was so shallow I couldn’t even tell if he was (breathing). Needless to say, I panicked and had to do a double take. Thankfully he was just fine as I’m sure is your guy. 😉 Nice be sooo relaxed eh?

    Thanks for noting about the tornado, it made the news here in Toronto and I was going to e-mail you this morning. I’m so relieved you and everyone at the “casa” are fine Chris.


  6. What a wacky summer for weather! Usually, what hits you guys in MN makes its way to Ontario. Although I don’t think it’ll be quite that drastic. Did the guys survive the trauma?!

    Mister looks like all is well with his world. Although I would be sorely tempted to rub his furry belly…at my own peril, from what I understand!

  7. Oh my gosh, I didn’t know about your weather! I’m glad you’re okay! How do the kitties handle weather like that? Are they nonplussed or freaked out?

    LOVE that picture…

  8. Rico likes to sleep in strange positions like that too. I can’t help but wonder how they hold their arms (yes they ARE arms) up in the air like that while sleeping.

  9. Clearly he has just completed a vigorous session of cat yoga and is in the restorative “Corpse Pose”.

    Glad to hear your neighborhood survived all the hoopla yesterday afternoon – it was a weird day to be in the office too.

  10. We were a little annoyed at work to find out about the tornado in Minneapolis by getting an email that the tornado warning had been *lifted*. Yesterday was a scary, but ultimately good, day. I work in Minneapolis about 1.5 miles from where the tornado hit and live in Cottage Grove less than 3 miles from that tornado’s touchdown point. The good part is that there were no major injuries (that I’ve heard of at least) in either case.

  11. Poor Knittymama took a good hit tho’! DH works in the Target building – so we spent a good hour trying to get a hold of him.

  12. Okay, is the kitty trying to get some tornado sympathy??? I didn’t even know there was one until much later. I heard the sirens and I was like, I hope I don’t have to turn off my computer.

    I thought tornadoes didn’t go near cities. Hmmph!

  13. I was not worried about you at all, but only because I knew the tornadoes and damage were not in your immediate neighborhood. I was a little worried about #2 son just in case he happened to be riding his bike on Portland at the wrong time. But he emailed me to say he and the house were okay at virtually the same time I tried to call him. MN weather — you can’t beat it with a stick!

  14. It’s a good thing you were working from home – think of how scared the kitties would have been without you there! And wouldn’t you have been worried about them if they were home alone? (Or am I the only one who does that?)

  15. Glad the tornadoes passed you by!
    I think he’s playing dead in the hopes that May will come by, and then he can surprise attack her.
    I assume May was hiding in her safe place during the storms?

  16. A tornado? A mile away? Yikes! Glad to hear you’re all safe and sound!

    Chaos looks like he’s napping. They seem to sleep best in the weirdest positions.

  17. Glad to hear that you and your kitties are all ok. He’s not dead, nor is he asleep, he is just composing the next great cat novel, not unlike Hemmingway. Perhaps he will call it the Old Cat and the Sea, or For Whom the Cat Bell Tolls.

  18. Hi Chris!

    My neighbor’s cat came to visit and won’t go home. He eats here, sleeps here, tries to get into the house and garage. I tried not to feed him, but he’s an old guy and refused to eat their food anymore. I love him and he’s a sweetie. Maybe I should buy the food he likes for my neighbors? Any ideas?

    I love the kitty pic, Chaos or Mayhem? Glad to hear he’s okay, lol. Killer (my neighbors cat) does this under my shrubs, but he’s so ancient, I have to call him and make sure he is really alive still, lol.

    Dottie 🙂

  19. Great now all I can think of is, “I’m not dead..I’m feeling better, I think I’ll go for a walk.” “You’re not fooling anyone you old fool.” My brother-in-law forced to watch monty python as a young child, it is completely ingrained into my brain.

  20. Glad to hear you’re okay! I’m not fond of any tornadoes but I especially dislike sneaky ones.

    He’s not dead, it’s just that storms are exhausting.

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