Cabiny bullets and a furry pirate

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  • Ok, things are going to be really, really crazy through the end of the month in workland.
  • Good thing I escaped to the cabin last week!
  • Yes, the cabin was a lot of fun. Thanks for asking. 😉 We saw a bald eagle. We fished. We lounged about on the deck drinking beer. We puttered around the lake on the boat. We rejoiced that there weren’t any bugs other than a random horsefly or two.
  • Jeanne, clever one that she has, has suggested that perhaps knitting wouldn’t be so painful if the two projects I’ve been not working on were wool instead of cotton blends. *lightbulb moment* Now I just have to find the energy to wind yarn some evening!
  • Why is the wind always against me when I go biking? You’d think I’d be used to the wind, having grown up near Rochester, Minnesota, which is apparently one of the windiest cities in the US.
  • I wonder if I’ll get caught up on my blogs in Google Reader before September? I still love all of you, but I’m a bit behind…
  • Have I mentioned that I’ll be going to Toronto in September to visit Brigitte and Lorraine and MamaTulip and Lea and many other fabulous bloggers?! (If you are a fabulous Toronto or environs blogger and would like to meet for coffee or drinks, drop me a line.)
  • LOL! Mayhem was napping in her toy basket (handily included in the background of the picture below) and just fell out. Now she’s lying on the floor, looking at her toy basket with much suspicion. (“I’m sure it’s out to get me, Mom.”)

“Arrrrgh! I’m a pirate, hi ho, hi ho. Avast there, Mom, and prepare to hand over the kitty treats!” -Chaos

32 thoughts on “Cabiny bullets and a furry pirate”

  1. Maybe the basket IS out to get Mayhem or maybe Chaos just casually walked by and give it a little push. He is a mighty scary pirate, after all.

  2. Happy to hear you enjoyed such a great time at the cabin Chris!!

    Looking forward to meeting you in September!

    Thanks for the pimp..

    **waving at Chaos**

    And, yeah I so hear you about workload… I think it’s bad all over…

    Have a good day. 🙂


  3. Your cabin visit sounds like it was relaxing fun. Glad you had a good time. I don’t believe it is humanly possible to ever get caught up on the Google Reader! I’ve learned to deal with that but it took awhile to comprehend. 😉

  4. Sounds like your mini-vacation was just right. I’m very jealous that you’re going to Toronto – not just because it’s a great place, but hanging out with Brigitte and Lorraine would be so much fun! I hope you’ll post about it so I can live vicariously …

  5. Yay!! I’m so excited! As are the guys… Just let me know the dates.

    I’m glad the weekend was restful…And that the guys weren’t *too* upset with you!

  6. Are you sure it was a bald eagle and not a turkey vulture? 😉

    You must go to Lettuce Knit while you are in Toronto and give us a full report. You’ll probably want to stalk some of the famous knitters who frequent that shop, too.

  7. Sounds like a great, relaxing weekend. And you have Toronto to look forward to while you’re busy at work!

    Yep, cotton really burns out my wrists and my knitting mojo.

  8. Chaos looks ridiculously ferocious!

    Teen and I are heading to Vancouver over MEA. He thinks he wants to go to school up there.

  9. Your cabin time sounds lovely! I’m jealous!

    aaarrrgh! I can’t remember if you’re on FB but they just put in the option to change your setup to ‘English (Pirate)’. It’s fricken hilarious. ;op

    OH got the new toy…it’s shiny…and red…and filled with books. ;o)

  10. I wish I could be in Toronto in September but I’ll just keep on saving to come back to MN as soon as possible 🙂

    The cabin sounded wonderful. I need a relaxing break or I’ll go mad soon!!

  11. The Toronto trip sounds like fun!

    The cabin sounds wonderful.

    Mayhem’s toy box threw her out of it? The cruelty! The injustice! The horror. Cute pic.

  12. If I were you, I would hand over the treats.

    The cabin weekend sounds like a wonderful break before the crazy workload. I still haven’t caught up from being busy earlier in the summer and spring. I’ll start to catch up and something will happen and I’ll get behind again. Toronto will be a fun trip too!

    I hate knitting most cotton yarns. I would rather knit with acrylic than cotton (not that I want anything made of acrylic).

  13. I’m behind on my blogs too. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on with newsgator, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to use it anymore. Oh well.

  14. Yay for staying in the woods with few bugs!

    I consider myself “caught up” with Google Reader if there’re fewer than 700 unread posts.

  15. So glad you had a nice getaway at the cabin! May looks too funny after falling out of the toy basket.
    Hope you and the kitties are doing well.

  16. May looks a bit snarky. must be the whole falling out of her basket thing… (Miss Em does that too! – and then looks like she’s trying to find the closest object to attack!)

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