Cat-in-a-box: The perfect holiday present!

Stephania is extending the deadline for her Lizard Ridge blanket for Afghans for Afghans until January 21.

Reading Update
One Good Turn by Kate Atkinson. This mystery is the sequel to Case Histories and is written in the same style, beginning with numerous disparate threads that slowly draw together into a cohesive whole by the end.
Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. Ok, I read American Gods a while ago and obviously need to read it again, because I’m sure it’s related somehow.. Anyway – this is another enjoyable read by local author Gaiman, featuring the sons of Anansi, a Caribbean/West African spider god.
Night Passage, Trouble in Paradise, Death in Paradise, Stone Cold, and Sea Change by Robert B. Parker. I got interested in reading Parker’s Jesse Stone series after I read Blue Screen, which tied Sunny Randall and Jesse Stone together. Loves me a good Sunny Randall book I does. 🙂
Strange Candy by Laurell K. Hamilton. Strangely, these short stories are mostly sword and sorcery, with only two Anita Blake stories. Definitely a different side of Hamilton.

“Do-de-do-de-doody-do-de-do.” -C
“Move along, nothing to see here.” -C
“Hmm, I’m not feeling very comfortable in the kitchen tonight. I wonder why?” -M
“It’s as if someone is watching me! How creepy.” -M
“This is terrible! What the heck is going on in this kitchen?! I can’t shake the sense of looming evil!” -M
*sounds of scuffling and a faint “meep!”*
“You will do as I say. You will send me $1,000,000 in small unmarked bills, packed in catnip…” -M

45 thoughts on “Cat-in-a-box: The perfect holiday present!”

  1. Heehee! Cat in the box IS the best holiday gift. Our cat keeps making a mad dash under the tree every 10 minutes or so. Fallen tree is NOT the best holiday gift! 🙂

  2. Love that first picture of the 2 of them… Chaos has such a funny look, with his beady eyes.

    Just like when we were kids…cardboard boxes make the COOLEST toys!

  3. I had a cat that loved boxes too ! It used to cause untold hilarity when my parents were trying to box flowers to send to market – it was amazing that the cat never got sent along as well 🙂

  4. I’d say that the cats are insane but why tell you something that you already know very well ;o).

    Actually, the last shot of Chaos is reminding me of Snoopy playing “vulture”.

  5. We get a lot of cat-in-the-bag around here. And thanks for saying something about the sequel to Case Histories, I loved it and am so happy there’s another one out!

  6. Tig thinks all boxes that arrive are for him – and there are quite a few these days. I have to double check each one before I throw them out because he’s been know to snuggle up in the packaging and take a nice nap!

  7. Thanks for the mention Chris! Those are great pictures of your cats.

    I know I haven’t told you this, but it’s much more fun to look at pictures of the same cute cats day after day then random pet pictures. It’s like we’ve met.

  8. So did you like the new Atkinson? I’ve got to finish Case Histories sometime this decade – I’m enjoying it, but it’s been shoved aside for lots of other things.
    Love the stalker kitty!

  9. As I remember, cat in the brown paper bag is pretty good too. That pic of Chaos and May on the log cabin blanket (nice!) with the glowing green eyes is very good.

  10. Ha, ha, ha these pictures are so true !! They are all the same. When an empty box is there I can be sure that one of my four cats will immediately sit in there !
    Why don’t you participate on “Cats on Tuesday” ? It is quite new and was an idea of mine to get cat lovers together who have a blog and want to talk once a week about their cats. Just have a look on my blog. I have to promote my idea lol !

  11. oh, and Neil Gaiman rules.

    i went looking for that A to Z book you recommended (i think it was you? or if not CarrieK maybe, the one about language origins, organized by letter)…anyway, they were out of it, but I found John McShorter’s “The Power of Babel: A Natural History of Language”–it is so much fun (well, if you’re geey enough to like things like dialects and languages peppered with examples drawn from The Simpsons and Rocky & Bullwinkle and such)
    Fun fun fun!

  12. sry, it’s John McWhorter, i have PMS so badly that i simply cannot spell today

    ditto “geeky” (not *geey*)

    uuuggh, must to bed with me

    perhaps Isis will condescend to curl up under the covers with me and purr against my aching ovaries =)

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