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Reading Update
You Had Better Make Some Noise: Words to Change the World by Phaidon Editors. A very good book of quotes tailored to these times we’re living in.
Bookmarked for Death (Booktown Mystery #2) by Lorna Barrett. I only made it about five pages before deciding I didn’t care at all and set it aside.
Crispin’s Model by Max Gladstone. Good creepy Lovecraftian short from the POV of an artist’s model sitting for an artist who pays very well but is decidedly odd…
The Dragon Conspiracy (SPI Files #2) by Lisa Shearin. Pretty good paranormal series about a Southern seer who works as an agent for Supernatural Protection and Investigation in New York City. Her boss is a vampire and his boss is a dragon…
Dead to Rites (Mick Oberon #3) by Ari Marmell. Good mystery/urban fantasy series set in 1930s Chicago about private investigator (and member of the Fae) Mick Oberon. He tries to avoid mob-related jobs, but…
Tricks of the Trade (Paranormal Scene Investigations #3) by Laura Anne Gilman. Good paranormal suspense (with a hint of romance) about an agency of New York City private investigators who are trying to prove to the Council governing the supernatural world that having unaffiliated investigators is a good thing.
A Darker Shade of Magic (Shades of Magic #1) by VE Schwab. Good tale of three Londons (White, Red, Grey) with varying degrees of magic, the man who can walk between them, a thief, and nefarious plots.

“Why aren’t you petting me, Mom????” -Mayhem

7 thoughts on “Linkity last saw the sun the morning of October 4”

  1. Congrats to kmkat!

    The house I grew up in here had pyracantha bushes and I loved watching the Cedar Waxwings get drunk on the berries.

    I wish I’d seen that Malted Milk Latte recipe before I already had my plain latte this morning. Maybe tomorrow…

  2. Well? Why *aren’t* you petting Mayhem?

    I refuse to look at that mac & cheese candy cane link. REFUSE I TELL YOU.

    But the Gaiman advice is awesome. As is the bit from C.S. Lewis about Susan. Awesome that he was encouraging fanfic even then.

  3. Priorities: “very kind and very brave man ran out into traffic to retrieve my travel coffee mug” or “between us girls, your boob is out.” HMMMMMMMMM? I dunno.

    Mr. Rogers always reminds me of what humans CAN be, though seldom are.

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