The greening has begun and linkity is pleased

Very Focused Harry.

Out-of-sorts Polly.

Siblings! (That is absolutely Mayhem’s spot in the middle.)

4 thoughts on “The greening has begun and linkity is pleased”

  1. “Why in the name of all that’s sacred would you commit such a truly horrendous crime against style, architecture, taste and the very soul of all that humanity holds dear about colour and textiles and stone and wood and form and function and design and livability and the goodwill of your neighbours?”

    “Eh, why not? What’s the worst that can happen?”


    I want to ask the folks in “Ugly” what it’s like living under that ceiling, waiting for the Jolly Green Giant to tee off.

  2. Spaceship MCM is quite cool. And Jackie Gleason owned it!

    Balcony overlooking the bathroom is very weird.

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