Linkity guesses it’s spring because WIND

Mayhem peering down into the space between the benches.

Polly sitting on my torso during my online Mat Pilates class.

Same Mat Pilates class, but I turned on macro, which distorted poor Polly’s ears.

Macro is fun! Hi, Polly!

And one last macro shot…

3 thoughts on “Linkity guesses it’s spring because WIND”

  1. Oh look, stairs that you can pay to kill you. There is NO WAY I would want to climb the outside of a NY skyscraper.

    I also do not want pickle jelly beans, but if I had to pick between the two? Give me the jelly beans.

    Oh, I really like that MCM in LA (especially the book nook!) but there’s no way I could afford to pay that price for it. I don’t like the MCM in Denver nearly as much.

    You found two non-cursed church conversions this week! Though I don’t think I would want to live in either of them.

    You’re right… that castle house is just so-so. I want to like it, but… meh.

    Oh, poor Polly. You turned her into a Fennec fox with those ears!

  2. Wow, I love the overpriced house in LA. Reminds me a lot of my aunt’s old house in San Marino – about the same era.

    Kinda cute little earth ship. Would be fun to stay there for a short trip.

    House with bad photos is a hoot. I wondered if it might be some kind of hostel, especially with all of those refrigerators. One per bedroom?

    I had to look for more info, and found this on trulia. I think there’s a bit of disconnect between the description and the reality. But it’s good to know it has “all necessary permits”:

    Presenting an impressive custom home featuring twelve bedrooms, five baths, and 5,096 sq ft of living space on a vast 30,000 sq ft lot. This expanded residence, with all necessary permits, boasts a distinctive open floor plan, making it truly one-of-a-kind. A luminous interior, lit by thirteen strategically placed skylights, creates a bright and welcoming atmosphere. The property is equipped with two state-of-the-art Five-ton HVAC units for optimal climate control. Eight bedrooms feature plush carpeting, while four showcase elegant vinyl wood plank flooring, adding sophistication to each space. This home is not only aesthetically pleasing but also technologically advanced, with a robust 400 Amp electrical panel and new wiring seamlessly integrated throughout.Structural enhancements include a new concrete foundation for additions, ensuring stability and durability. Beyond the interior, essential upgrades to infrastructure include a new water line guaranteeing a reliable water supply, a new 2000-gallon septic system, and a tankless water heater for modern efficiency. The property’s versatility allows for various potential uses, such as senior housing, assisted living, or a patient rehab facility. Whether you seek a spacious residence or a strategic investment opportunity, this property offers myriad possibilities. Embrace luxury and functionality in this meticulously upgraded home.

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