I think the days of giveaways here are mostly done. 🙂 Thanks to everyone who participated, either as an author donating books or as a reader commenting to win books.

Authors and publishers: Feel free to contact me about hosting a giveaway. I reserve the right to refuse to host any giveaway that I do not believe to be of interest to my readers.

Book Tours
Only if I know you and you guilt me into it. I’m not a fan of book tours. 🙂

Review Requests
Updated 8/8/2014: I’m not currently reviewing, but thanks for your interest.

Authors and publishers: Before offering review copies, please refer to my Reviewettes category to see how I typically review books. If I’m feeling particularly effusive, I might hit six or seven sentences! 🙂 I recognize that you might not feel these reviewettes are sufficient; however, blog reader response to them is overwhelmingly positive. Make of that what you will before submitting your requests. I reserve the right to refuse to review books that do not fit with my interests. Providing a review copy does not mean that the book will receive a positive review.

FTC Compensation Statement
I’m not blogging to make money. I spend about $180/year in hosting fees. When I receive physical review copies of books, I either keep them or give them away in contests for which I pay postage. When I receive ebooks for review, I keep or delete them, depending on the book. Again, providing a review copy does not mean that the book will receive a positive review.

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